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hello from new jersey!

em and i got here safely last monday. we drove houston to mobile, alabama and stayed in a surprisingly nice la quinta. the next day we headed to atlanta and went to the botanical gardens, where i got some good pictures of the orchids (just about the only thing blooming), and the aquarium, where i finally got to see whale sharks! they're huge! and they have a program where you can dive in the tank with them, so we are so going back so i can do that! some people were diving with them while we were there so we could see how big the whale sharks were with something we knew the size of for reference. and they are BIG. and so very cool. stayed in a four-star hotel and feasted on steak and seafood and felt quite fancy.

the next day, we drove to richmond, virginia, and stayed in an AMAZING hotel. it was gorgeous., people. four-star hotels for $50. and, we got there about 12 hours after the giant snow had stopped, so it was a winter wonderland. it looked like something out of a postcard. i'm still going through the ones out of my real camera, but i took these with my phone.

the following day, we headed up to new jersey. we drove through baltimore and i got a couple of fun pictures.

then delaware. then across the bridge into new jersey.

we stayed with emily's dad in cape may, at the tip of new jersey, for a couple of days. we walked around cape may and went down the shore, where i saw snow on the sand at the beach for the first time. craziness. then we came up to hillsborough, new jersey to stay with emily's mom. there was so much snow everywhere! more than i think i've seen. ever. i've seen quite a bit in the mountains but when i came out of the mountains, it was gone. this just kept going. em's brother andrew had a bitching hat. her mom has adopted a very high-energy unruly border collie named dare. she is quite a handful. we've been eating a lot of pizza and seeing a lot of movies. we tried to go see sherlock holmes on christmas, opening day. all of the internet said it started at 4:45 so we show up at 4:35. it started at 4:15. so there was a mob of angry people all there are the wrong time. so we saw up in the air instead. it was well-done, but very depressing. it was all about a guy who fires people for a living. everyone was getting laid off. who thinks that's a good idea for a movie in this economic climate? so then we came home and watched julie and julia, which was nice and happy. we saw the blind side, which was excellent, and avatar in 3d at the imax, which was gorgeous. christmas was nice. we went to em's dad's mom's house on christmas eve and then had christmas morning at her mom's house. her mom made homemade cinnamon pumpkin rolls. we did presents and played apples to apples, which em got for christmas. it was a good time. and now it's fracking cold out. 16 degrees with a 1 degree wind chill the last time i checked. brrr.

yesterday we went to new hope, pennsylvania. it was a cute little town with a bunch of fun shops. we got tshirts from weenie world!

tomorrow we're doing touristy things in nyc. then on new year's eve we're going to a party one of em's friends is throwing in easton, pennsylvania. new year's day we are leaving and driving to knoxville, hopefully stopping at foamhenge (!). then the next day will be very long and full of driving and we'll be back home. which is good. i miss my kitties. and my awesome apartment with the giant tvs and controllable temperature. they keep it pretty cold in the house. so anyway, that's been my trip thus far. stay tuned.


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