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Birthdate:May 6
Location:Texas, United States of America
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4th of july, apple soda, astronomy, austin, basil, batting cages, bbq, beaches, blue october, boats, books, building things, cameras, campfires, camping, candles, canon, cargo pants, cats, cello, cheese, chocolate, clouds, color photography, comal river, cooking, cozumel, cruise control, dallas cowboys, daria, discovery channel, diver's depot, driving too fast, driving with windows down, dvorak, electron microprobes, ems, europa, experimental petrology, family guy, firefighting, fish, fixing things, flip flops, food network, football, ford escape, french horn, fresh flowers, fun hats, galileo, garden bathtubs, geochemistry, geologists, geology, gerbera daisies, giraffes, grad school, graphic programs, green day, guitar, gulf coast, hiking, hills, history channel, houston, html, icp-ms, igneous petrology, indiana jones, indirect lighting, io, ipod nano, jet propulsion laboratory, johnson space center, journals, kepler, lake austin, limes, longhorns, low-humidity days, lpsc, lunar and planetary institute, marching band, mars, martian meteorites, meteor showers, meteorites, mountains, movie soundtracks, nalgene bottles, nasa, national parks, new braunfels, night, not setting an alarm, observatories, ocean, optical mineralogy, painting, petrology, phd, photography, pirates, planetary geology, planetary interiors, racquetball, rice, rivers, robotic planetary exploration missions, rock hammers, rocks, sarcasm, scuba diving, sea turtles, silver, simpsons, softball, stars, stephen f. austin, sunsets, sweet tea, swimming, teaching, telescopes, tex-mex, texas, the moon, the sky, traveling, tshirts, tulips, ut football, volcanoes, walking barefoot, water, web design, winding roads, wood furniture, x-games
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