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and, since it's the season, i'm reposting this from 2005
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so i apparently missed something and it is now christmas. how the grinch stole christmas was on tv tonight. craziness. someone should inform the tv networks that it is in fact, the middle of november. merry thanksgivoween, everyone.

i've determined that batting cages are good for the soul. good stress reliever. and some guys complimented me on my hitting. that was nice too. i am sweaty and starting to get sore. i should stretch. but i feel good because i wasn't just sitting around all evening.

my house is clean except for my room and i need to vacuum. makes me happy. now it's time to get going on grading. then maybe i'll paint. i told kristen i'd paint her something. don't know if i'll have time this weekend though. depends on how long grading takes.

  • vacuum
  • clean my room
  • start powerpoint presentation for 5th graders
  • work on planetary geology term project
  • maybe more batting cages :)
i'm really happy we don't have anything to write up for faculty seminar this week. it's just a pain to do, and i tend to forget about or put off until the day it's due, and then i have to scramble to get it done. none of that this week. just a mars mapping homework assignment for planetary geology, getting the elementary school presentation ready, and mailing off a bunch of things to a several different people. woo.

my cat is curled up on the couch next to me asleep hugging his head with his paws. so cute.

back to work for me

summary: it's apparently christmas, batting cages are awesome, lots to do, and my cat is cute. the end.


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