Jan. 5th, 2006

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odd-numbered years are bad.

2001: sept 11
2003: space shuttle columbia
2005: all out BAD YEAR! for just about everyone i know! it's not just me.

even-numbered years are so much better. so, good riddance 2005. bring on 2006! here's to a better year *toasts with a bottle of diet coke*
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i dreamt about the longhorns' victory last night. very nice. it's a proud day for texas. i love vince young. he's my favorite person today. and my mom is going to get me some ut national championship gear. woo!

rose bowl links:
wallpaper pics from the dallas morning news
videos from keye news in austin
longhorns on the wheaties box -- thanks kristen!
ut longhorn football homepage

my back is feeling some better today. still sore but at least i can move. yay mobility woo!

dave barry's 2005 year in review

got an email from don, my advisor from lpi, about our manuscript and the corrections. looks like it's going along fine and hopefully it won't take too long. and i've got some things to look at now too. weee! fun stuff!

to do today )

going to go grab some lunch and get to work.

recap: hook 'em horns, my back is some better, paper is moving along, lots to do. bye


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