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a couple weeks ago, em and i took a trip to austin. we went to mckinney falls state park, wandered around town lake overlooking downtown with sara, played with my dog crash, and stopped in a few fields of bluebonnets on the way home.

downtown with sara and em




a road named for one of my favorite schist units

enjoying the sun, the wind, and my freshly-cut hair



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We went to McKinney Falls State Park south of Austin a couple of weeks ago and hiked around in the gorgeous spring weather.

Upper McKinney Falls





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emily, sara, and i headed down to the blanton museum of art at the university of texas last weekend and got some fun portraits at an art installation there. it looks like this (not my picture). much fun. it was called a sculpture, which was a disagreement between sara and em, because sara doesn't think attaching a bunch of yellow tubing you can get from home depot to a frame was a sculpture, but em thought if you put anything together from pieces it was. but anyway. it was a great place for pictures.











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when em and i were in austin last weekend, we hooked up with sara and went to the 81st annual zilker kite festival. it's funny how they made such a big deal about being the 81st annual, like the oscars did, but i don't remember anyone making any fuss about the 80th. anyway, the part of the park where they had the festival was a big bulldozed mud pit because they're putting in a sprinkler system (see picture below), so they had everyone spread amongst the smaller open areas. not as cool as last year because there wasn't a nice backdrop of downtown behind all the people flying kites, but it was still a good time. tons of crazy austinite with all their babies and dogs. some pictures below, the rest on facebook.

i also like that i can tell in pictures of myself that i'm losing weight. i can't tell from day to day but if i compare pictures from the last week with some from christmas, it's nice to see the change.
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here are the pictures from austin when emily and i had to evacuate from hurricane ike
sara has a bright idea

the full moon

moonrise over the lake austin

sunset over lake austin

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i'm alive!

Sep. 25th, 2008 06:11 pm
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i'm alive! have been, actually, for quite some time. i'll talk about the storm and our experiences at another time. but here, have some links.

colbert and stewart make a parody

bush may be stupid but he's no fool...

motivational posters to make you laugh (or at least i did)

pictures from our escape to austin from hurricane ike (i'll make a post at some point with my favorites, but check out the sunsets on the 4th page)

oh hell, here's one anyway. sunset from the oasis overlooking lake travis in austin. enjoy.

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my apartment is under mandatory evacuation from hurricane ike. emily and i, with kepler, tater tot, and em's turtle donnie, will be heading to austin this afternoon. we're staying with my aunt and uncle, and i'm not sure of the internet situation, so we'll see when i'm back online. see y'all on the flip side.
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since it's about to be august, i figured i'd post my 4th of july pictures.

em and i went to austin for the weekend, and i took her to the stone cows in the arboretum. we had fun (attempting) to climb on them.

erin, sara, emily, and i went to county line for our annual 4th bbq.

throwing gang signs

we went to the top level of a parking garage overlooking the lake to watch fireworks.

the next day, em and i went down under my bridge over the lake and then headed to the park for some swinging

it was great fun! the rest of the pictures are here
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woo! i am the newly-elected geounion president! and i did it even without brian's speech! and lindsay is my secretary. so, yay.

going to austin tomorrow morning. i'm driving to dripping springs because zack will be in town from phoenix and i get to meet his girlfriend. so we're going to lunch tomorrow. then i'll be spending the evening with erin. sunday lunch is with sara, and then sunday evening is mother's day/my birthday celebration with my parents and brother and grandma. then lunch monday with my mom before heading back to school. busy busy.

my birthday was fun. i went with brian to get giant slices of pizza and then we went to the pompeii exhibit at the museum of fine arts of houston. it was really sad, but really amazing. they had the plaster molds of the people that died, and one of a dog. that was the worst part i think. the dog was chained up so he couldn't run away. and it was amazing one of the children they had there, the face was so well-preserved you could see his expression. it was crazy how the ash stayed that way, so we could see his expression when he died long after he had decomposed. insane. and they had a bunch of jewelry and statues of gods, mostly mercury and apollo, and utensils, and a surgical tool set that a doctor had, all taken from the bodies or around the bodies of these people. there were also some frescos from the walls and it told how they were made. they were really intricate and it's amazing that they survived. so that was cool. and it was nice that it was a weekday because there weren't many people there. then we looked around the rest of the museum, including this crazy light tunnel and some native american art of fish and badgers in bowls. i took some pictures of brian at the end of the light tunnel.

then we got ice cream, and went by a cupcakerie to get cupcakes for later. and then we parted ways because he had to get back to work. i headed over to the sketchers outlet and got some new shoes! for supercheap!

it was a good day. time to go pack for tomorrow. weee....
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i got to go to austin for thanksgiving. my mom cooked a delicious meal and it was nice seeing my family.

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i went to austin last weekend for sara's birthday. we had a blast. i had missed her. we went to chuy's and had fantastic mexican food, went to a movie, and stopped by krispy kreme for dessert. yum. we went by my grandma's and my parents' houses to show them sara's birthday present (a photo book of our cruise last year i had made). there were monarch butterflies near my grandma's patio. we hung around sara's house and talked and caught up, which was wonderful. she got blinds for her bedroom from her parents for her birthday so she showed them off to me. the next day we had rudy's bbq for lunch before i headed back to houston, stopping in mcdade to see erin on the way. it was a good time.

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Jul. 23rd, 2007 02:12 pm
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emily and i went downtown last night and went on a bat boat! went on town lake at sunset and then under the congress ave bridge to watch the largest urban population of mexican free-tail bats fly out after the sun was gone. pictures:


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a blur of bats sprinting along the treeline

bats under the bridge

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since it has been raining so much, lake travis was past full so they opened a floodgate at mansfield dam, and i got some cool nighttime photos. sara and i went to friday's for dinner and got oreo cake for dessert. it was served on a long, rectangular plate with a trail of chocolate leading to a strawberry on one end. while walking around shopping in the arboretum, sara, emily, and i came across some wandering jew plants, complete with fresh rainwater drops.

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sara and i went to the dock on lake austin to swim the other day. however, it was FREEZING (read: painfully cold) from all the rain and the water flowing out of the bottom of lake travis (682 feet deep) into my lake, so we didn't stay in very long. we'll go back in a couple weeks when it's warmer since the rains have stopped. i got a few pictures of the sun sparkling off the lake. a few days ago after the rain stopped, i took some photos of my mom's gerbera daisies in our front yard.

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a few minor things have happened in the last few weeks. i flew to austin for christi and johnny's wedding and played photographer. i had fun and they got a bunch of pictures they liked, so it all worked out nicely. flew back to tempe. emily came to visit and we drove to moab, utah, where we spent my 25th birthday. when did i get so old? a quarter of a century. craziness.

anyway, the last however-many posts were pictures from that trip. we started out by doing the 8ish-hour drive to moab, stopping along the way to take lots of photos. the next day we headed out to arches national park, where i finally got to see delicate arch. after arches, we attempted going on the la sal loop and then the gold basin trail to get up into the la sal mountains. there were some horses by the road, and the baby horse had a two-toned black and white tail. so cute. anyway, there was so much mud and snow that the trail was pretty much impassable so we didn't even get halfway up the mountain (12,000 ft). however, we did see plenty of snow, mountains, and aspen trees. we came down out of the mountains and took some pictures of moab at night. the next day, we took some pictures around moab and some of the colorado river before heading out of town. the drive back took considerably longer because we stopped at natural bridges national monument and drove the long way through monument valley, catching the sunset. we took a few pictures of the highway, stars, and silhouette of monument valley against the darkening sky before driving the long road back to tempe. 1200 miles in three days. fun stuff.

a couple days later, my parents arrived in tempe for my graduation. i now hold a masters degree in geological sciences from arizona state university. woo. the ceremony was at 8am. whoever decided to hold commencement at that wretched hour needs to be hit over the head with something heavy. ugh. mom, dad, matthew, emily, and zack all got up nice and early with me to attend. they yelled, "YAR!!!" like pirates when i went across the stage. so fun. we went to the botanical gardens after eating at olive garden to take silly pictures. some day those will be posted. that evening, i had a bunch of my friends over and we grilled fajita meat and veggies and had a good old time. the next morning, we got up bright and early and trekked up to the grand canyon. stayed in flagstaff that night and went to meteor crater and painted desert/petrified desert the next day. caught a couple very nice sunsets. irritated my dad by rolling down the window every few minutes to take pictures while he was driving. they'll get put up at some point, too.

parents left the next day and emily left the day after that. i spent the next five days packing. then movers took away most of my stuff to austin, and the next two days were spent finishing packing and cleaning my house (we're getting our full deposit back! woo! though half of it will go towards our final electric bill. ugh...) while sleeping in thijs and beck's graciously-offered guest bedroom with my poor, extremely freaked out cat. they're wonderful people. we swam in their awesome pool and played catch with my underwater torpedo. it was really hard to leave them, especially beck. but, they're going to try to come to houston in the fall. i left at about 11:30pm and drove all night and all day. i stopped to take pictures of some gorgeous texas wildflowers, only to find there were butterflies, too. i'll get those up at some point. got to drive through some crazy hard rain and sit in rush hour traffic. went to dinner (bbq!) with sara and emily before seeing pirates of the caribbean 3 at 10:30. even managed to stay awake somehow. i've spent the last week or so running errands, spending time with friends and family, grilling (hot dogs and corn on memorial day and steaks tonight), and generally enjoying being back in texas, back in "my home country," as kirsten put it. it is nice to be back where things make sense.

emily and i are going to houston this weekend. staying with christi and johnny. looking for apartments for the fall, and christi mentioned some phototreking adventure. should be a good time. i just need to unload the rest of my stuff from my car. and get a new swimsuit that actually fits so we can take advantage of their pool. i'm getting a haircut (finally!) tomorrow. speaking of, i need to get to bed so i'll actually get up for the appointment. goodnight!

oh, one more thing. GO SPURS!!!
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all of them are online here.

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the softball season is over. we got knocked out in the semi-finals. oh well. it was a fun season. we're all going to four peaks tonight to celebrate.

i am now done teaching labs at this school!!! just have to grade like mad for the next few days.

i have a couple of photo projects coming up, which should be fun. abby's boyfriend, eli, is a glass blower, and i'm going take some pictures of him working in his shop for his website. i leave for austin on tuesday night so i can play photographer at christi's wedding on wednesday. i can't wait!

i realized i hadn't put up my pictures from my after-defense celebration at the cheesecake factory, so here are a few of my favorites.

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time to get back to grading. such fun.
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woo! my friends christi and johnny (below) are getting married in austin in a couple of weeks. they've hired me to be the photographer so they're paying for my flight to austin! i'm so excited. i've never shot a wedding before. it should be fun. i'm a little nervous but i think it'll be great. they're getting married at chapel dulcinea, which looks gorgeous. and, since i'll be in town, sara, emily, and i are going to the midnight opening show of spider-man 3. yay! and i'll get some chuy's mexican food and county line bbq. yum.

also, the abstract for my thesis was emailed out today. seems this whole defense thing is actually going to happen. exciting. the abstract can be read and admired by all here )
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these, sadly, are not my pictures. no, i was in arizona while all my friends and family were having fun with the ice and snow. my mom and sara sent me some cool pictures. these are my favorites.

mom's fence )

the back roof of my parents' house )

mom's gerbera daisy )

sara's fence )

sara's roof )

sara's tree )


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