Jun. 2nd, 2010 04:49 pm
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emily, juliane, and i went up to nacogdoches on friday. we went through downtown at sunset, took a trip out to the observatory, and em and juliane got scuba training through diver's depot. it was great fun. i got to be the divemaster for the trip so i got to help teach, which was a blast.

i got a second steroid shot into my spine this morning for my herniated disc, so i haven't gotten the pics off my camera yet, but below you can see our trip in iphone pictures. enjoy!

awesome antique cash register



downtown nacogdoches


em and juliane in the pool at diver's depot

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the last few weeks have been insane. steph had a birthday. i got her an awesome present. andy had a birthday. i made him dinner. i had a birthday. we had a little party at work, which was fabulous. i had a graduation, complete with party with family from out of town and madness all around (and really good food - more on that later). em's brother graduated today, so she's in boston, coming back tomorrow evening. i have pictures of many of these events, which will be posted at some point, but maybe not until june. we got a new person at work, with whom i am currently not impressed. we shall see how long she ends up staying. tuesday steph and i leave for dc for a conference that we are running and have spent the last several months putting together, which is terrifying. especially since new person at work severely screwed up on friday and had to start over, making what should have been a half-day job now go into day three. i'm anticipating tomorrow being a 14-16 hour day at work.

the weekend after next we'll be in nacogdoches getting em scuba certified, and my friend juliane is going to be taking a refresher course. i'll get to relax some then, and get a little diving in, which will be fabulous. it's been entirely too long. my tooth cracked (while i was minding my own business drying my freaking hair) on friday. and i'll need another cortisone shot into my spine for my herniated disc because it's apparently such a large bulge that the doc didn't really expect that it would be fixed with just one. super. those things will have to wait until after the 23rd when i'm back from dc, and maybe into june. oy. so, i'm still alive, but have a million fires to put out, and my firehose isn't nearly big enough. things should settle down significantly in june, which will be nice because i have a ton and a half of pictures i'd like to get online. including pics from my trip to the northeast over christmas. i repeat: oy. i'll elaborate on most of the things i mentioned at a later date. and just because i feel right now as if i'm incapable of posting without a picture, here is an iphone photo of the gorgeous tulips steph got for my birthday:

and now, i'm going to pass out for a few hours so i can start the madness that will be this week. night, all.
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it was nice going back to nacogdoches over labor day weekend so emily, christi, and johnny could get scuba certified at diver's depot. lots of pictures so here's a cut - nacogdoches pictures )
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someday i'll do better than posting to this thing once a month. in the meantime, check out [livejournal.com profile] georion365, where i'm posting a picture a day. most of the time.

anyway, classes started at rice. going well so far. i'm taking trace elements/isotope geochemistry, global tectonics, and two seminars, as well as attended two reading groups and group meeting every week. so i'm busy. schedule here. and i'm working on two projects, one collaborating with al and anne down at nasa. fun stuff. i'll be presenting a talk at the lpi workshop on water in planetary basalts in november and a poster at agu in san fransisco in december. have my preliminary exam in january. presenting a talk to the rice earth science dept in february. will be presenting something at lpsc in march about this nasa project i'm working on. lots to do. but it's good. i'm liking the way things work here a lot better. it's a much better fit.

emily, christi, and johnny got scuba certified over labor day weekend in nacogdoches, and i got four more dives under my belt. i hadn't gotten to dive since may 2005 so it was great to get wet. last weekend emily and i went up to dallas for regan's wedding, which was fun except for the 9 hour of driving in one day, with helping brian move to his new place the next day. i finally got some sleep this weekend so i've recovered. i'll have separate posts for pictures soon.

next weekend i'll be heading to austin for sara's birthday. and then the following weekend is the new grad field trip to galveston. should be good fun.
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i've been busy lately. moved to houston with emily. it's going well. apartment is slowly getting unpacked. pictures of the bathroom and kitchen. we got nice furniture from christi and johnny, such as the fabulous futon below.

there are several pictures, so here's a cut )

i've been going to rice and getting things going for the last week or so. my advisor is awesome and private school is so much better than anywhere else i've been. i'll be taking trace elements/isotope geochemistry and global tectonics, along with some research credits, when school starts.

i am working on an abstract because i'm going to present my thesis research at lpi's workshop on water in planetary basalts in november. exciting. abstract is due tuesday. it's difficult picking and choosing what to take out of an 80-page thesis to put into a 2-page extended abstract. yay condensing!

emily, christi, and johnny are all getting scuba certified over labor day, which means i get to get wet, too. i'm so excited. i haven't been diving since cozumel in may 2005. waaaay too long. i've been doing a lot of website work for my old dive instructor, ek, which has been nice, since i've had the time to put into it that i want to so it all looks decent.

i'm getting together with my college roommate, lisa, this weekend. turns out she lives all of 15 minutes away. it'll be nice to be able to see her more often.

that's pretty much everything, i think. things are going well. very much looking forward to school starting.


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