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since it's about to be august, i figured i'd post my 4th of july pictures.

em and i went to austin for the weekend, and i took her to the stone cows in the arboretum. we had fun (attempting) to climb on them.

erin, sara, emily, and i went to county line for our annual 4th bbq.

throwing gang signs

we went to the top level of a parking garage overlooking the lake to watch fireworks.

the next day, em and i went down under my bridge over the lake and then headed to the park for some swinging

it was great fun! the rest of the pictures are here
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my day started with my friend erin calling me wanting to get together for lunch. she lives in hawaii and i hadn't seen her since christmas of 2004. we haven't really talked in a year, so it was a complete surprise. we had a great time catching up and i got to meet her 19-month-old son, zach. and of course, i took a bunch of pictures. all of them are online here, but here are a few of my favorites.

i took the rest of the day off, and after lunch while i was at home, the doorbell rang. my diploma came in the mail!!! woooo!!! click on the picture below to go to the album, where it can be made larger.

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oh man, i had the best night. we had a huge group of people from vancouver (hehe, canadians) at the stargazing event and they were a wonderful group. i got to run the 11" telescope and i showed them a lot of cool stuff and taught them some things too. i showed them venus and it's a crescent right now so i talked about solar system geometry and placement of the planets, showed them a couple of planetary nebulae and taught them about stellar evolution, showed them albireo (a double star with one orange and one blue star) and talked about different colors meaning different temperatures, showed them and talked a lot about mars, and pointed out constellations. such a good time. i love this stuff. it's so much fun teaching people about the sky, especially when they're receptive and interested. it was awesome. going to go out again. james seems to think i did a good job and he trusts me with his telescope so sometime when he gets a gig but can't make it, i might do it and get paid. that would be sweet. yay for getting money for doing something i'd do for fun anyway!

i am tired now though. teaching that many people and driving for a few hours takes a lot out of me. and i got phone calls this morning from two different people about an hour and a half apart waking me up so i didn't get as much sleep as i would have liked. oh well. i can sleep when i'm dead i guess. tomorrow is going to be a long day. didn't get much in the way of work done today so i'll be busting my ass getting my project done tomorrow. oh, i have to grade papers too, since i promised my students all their labs would be handed back monday. sigh. tomorrow i'll finish my map (almost done!) and write the paper and begin the powerpoint. monday night will be editing the paper and going over the powerpoint presentation. weee... at least it's a cool project.

erin got (and liked!) her birthday present i sent her. i gave her my hawaii painting. painting is good. maybe i'll do one in a couple of weeks once my geology of mars project is turned in. i believe it's due dec 6. that will be a super day. no more classes till finals after that day. i think going out and doing something that night will be in order. definitely not minigolf at the place where i go for batting cages. kristen and i went there last night and it was the worst minigolf experience i've had. the course was just pathetic.

anyway, i think i am going to go collapse so hopefully i'll have enough energy to do everything i need to tomorrow.

recap: stargazing is awesome, i'm tired, lots to do tomorrow, need to finish my planetary geology project, erin got her birthday present, can't wait till dec 6, time for bed. 'night all.
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thanksgiving was interesting. had a good time at todd's. my pie and potatoes were a huge hit. todd doesn't even like chocolate pie and he wanted to me to make one weekly and bring it to geology of mars. hehe. going to eat myself some leftovers in a few minutes. yum. we watched the cowyboys play, and it was a good game, but they decided to miss a 34-yard field goal so they ended up losing in overtime. bummer. we played foosball, which was great fun. had some not so great conversations with a couple members of my family. really not looking forward to having to deal with hostility over christmas. i won't be staying at my house if i'm not welcome.

i guess this year i am most thankful for my friends. don't think i could have made it through this semester with something resembling sanity without them. they're all wonderful people and i love them very much.

i'd like to take this opportunity to say that i love my cousin erin. she's one of my favorite people on the planet.

wish some of my football-watching friends were in town so we could watch this ut/a&m game together. instead i am watching with kepler. ut is not doing so well. they should be slaughtering a&m and it's 15-14 a&m in the 2nd quarter. this is crap. we are NOT going to lose this game damnit. they aren't even ranked and ut is #2 in the freaking country! come on longhorns, get your game going!

so, this weekend:
-grade papers
-finish nighttime ir themis mosaic
-finish visible themis mosaic
-write up planetary geology paper
-make powerpoint presentation
-clean my kitchen
-clean kep's litterbox

for now, i think i will get some leftovers.
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this is my mantra for the rest of the week.

i'm in la this week (till saturday) for the mepag (mars exploration program analysis group) meeting. a bunch of kiddos from asu came -- amy, who's rooming with me in this fine holiday inn, zack, jorge, jonathan, and also ron greeley. conference is wed-thurs and then i'm staying with britney (yay!) until saturday. i'm excited. britney is awesome. she has a way of cheering me up when my life goes insane on me. it appears that i have a habit of flying to la when my life is getting out of control. funny that.

it turns out ron greeley is not completely stoic, cold, and heartless. go figure. it seems he was worried about me and we had a nice chat earlier today in his office, and then some at the airport. kinda strange to think of him worrying about someone, and for that to be me was even weirder.

i am loopy (hehe i just wrote i am loppy) right now. lack of sleep + stress + finally getting away = weeeee fun times for heather. i crack myself up. loppy. does that word even mean anything?? hehe. i am the loppiest of all. thank you bobosan, for giving the definition of loppy: "hanging limp; pendulous." so apparently i am now pendulous. woo.

so glad i left. i need to get away from life for a few days and clear my head. going to learn all i can about mars and all the present/future missions and hang out with my friends and then go chill with britney. eat lots of good food (yay for per diem! -- per diem is latin!). sleep once the conference is over. and go to a party once i get back. and then it's time to get back on track with my schoolwork. enough of this bullshit. i can do better. i will do better. i'll let my parents do whatever the hell they want and i am going to get my shit together.

my cousin erin rocks by the way. she's so awesome. i called her last night to let her know what was going on with my parents and how they want me to cease communication with my family, and i believe her words were, "if you stop talking to me, i'm going to kick your ass." hehe. i love erin. she's so cool. and it's nice that i have someone in my family who wants to stay in my life, even if it's going in a completely different direction now.

both the cowboys and the longhorns won this weekend. kick ass. however, all the teams i like in the southland conference, including sfa, lost. bummer. maybe this week they'll win. that would be super.

quick note: i like stuff blowing up. more stuff should blow up. my favorite day in pchem was when the prof blew something up twice. it was great. i'd enjoy class a lot more if something blew up every day.

have to get up early to learn about mars (yay mars woo!) so off to bed i go. enough of the loopiness (or loppiness if you prefer) for now. night all

recap: i'm in la, mars and britney are fun, ron greeley is actually pretty cool, i'm loopy and/or loppy, going to get my life back together, erin kicks ass, so do the cowboys and longhorns, stuff blowing up is cool, yay mars woo. the end.


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