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way back a month ago, there was valentine's day. we went to the beach, got some stuff from whole foods for dinner, and i made us a feast. rosemary garlic rack of lamb, baked mashed potato dollops, garlic parmesan green beans, and steamed carrots. possibly the best meal i've ever made. it was a very nice, laid-back day.


Dec. 25th, 2009 09:45 pm
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merry christmas, all.


Nov. 20th, 2009 10:19 am
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maybe it's the lack of sleep and the stress of my upcoming defense, but that comic cracked me up this morning.

so, i got the job at lpi!!! i'm so excited! i've wanted to work there since i was an intern in 2004. it's an amazing environment and the people are fantastic. stephanie, the woman who's going to be my boss is really great. she's been emailing me asking how my defense prep is going and telling me how excited she is that i'm taking the job. i start january 4th, so i've got time to do my defense, make any corrections to my paper, get it submitted, and have some time to relax over christmas. very exciting. really, if i can just get through the next four days, things will be loads better. plan for this weekend is to go through my thesis with a fine-toothed comb and look up any details i've forgotten and read over the abstracts of all the papers i've cited. and practice my powerpoint a few thousand times.

i was driving an hour and a half through the rain this morning through horrible traffic to make it to school too late to park anywhere but paid parking and i was thinking how nice it's going to be to have a five-minute commute through neighborhood streets to get to work. seriously. it's 45 minutes of driving plus 15 minutes of walking from the parking lot on a good day with no traffic. now i'll have 5 minutes of driving and 30 seconds of walking from the parking lot. it's going to be awesome. i can't wait. i actually only have four more days of sitting in horrible rush hour traffic to get to school. monday next week and mwf the week after thanksgiving. then classes are over and i'll have to run a couple review sessions and have office hours, but those will be in the afternoon. woot.

we're getting a cable box installed in the guest room this afternoon, so in a bit brian's taking me to lunch and then i'm heading home to work while waiting for the cable guy. just in time for sara to enjoy it when she comes to visit next wednesday. she's excited. i'm excited, too. thanksgiving is going to be so nice. i have an awesome job lined up and my defense will be done. yay thanksgiving.
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1. we're almost completely moved out of the old place. i was going to finish this weekend and today, but...

2. i got sick. i feel like a truck hit me. sore throat, fever, cough, congestion, the works. fun fun. and it especially sucks because i'm alone because...

3. emily is in duluth, mn. she passed her thesis defense with flying colors today, as i knew she would. and she called me and said she couldn't have done it without me. made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. she's coming back tomorrow afternoon. escaping the tundra. seriously, there was a blizzard while she was there. yuck.

4. i love hot chocolate.

5. both cats are keeping me company sleeping on the bed. they're sweet.

6. i have to turn my paper into a complete proposal draft due on jan 15. i also have another project for my second proposal that i'm working on and will have a meeting with my co-advisor raj sometime the week after christmas.

7. sara's coming for new year's! i'm so excited.

8. if i'm feeling better i'm going to austin this weekend for some family stuff and seeing erin and sara. if not, i might see my family sometime in january. or february. who knows.

9. i don't like being sick.

10. there is a facebook group of gay penguin equality. i love it. the description is awesome. "This wouldn't happen if gay penguins were allowed to adopt. Gay penguins steal eggs from straight couples..." hehehe.
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emily and i had our friend brian over for thanksgiving, and i finally got around to uploading all the pictures. i made most of the food, but em helped quite a bit. not in the pictures are the two pies: em's pumpkin and my chocolate. om nom nom.

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since it's about to be august, i figured i'd post my 4th of july pictures.

em and i went to austin for the weekend, and i took her to the stone cows in the arboretum. we had fun (attempting) to climb on them.

erin, sara, emily, and i went to county line for our annual 4th bbq.

throwing gang signs

we went to the top level of a parking garage overlooking the lake to watch fireworks.

the next day, em and i went down under my bridge over the lake and then headed to the park for some swinging

it was great fun! the rest of the pictures are here


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