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it is gorgeous outside. i'm currently working out on the patio at panera enjoying the perfect temperature, abundant sunshine, and low humidity. all this week it's been super humid and foggy in the morning (see photo from yesterday morning on my way into school below, others at facebook. please note: i didn't convert these to black and white -- it was just so damn cloudy that it sucked all the color out of the world.), but this morning it wasn't quite as humid and it's pretty much all burned off as the day has progressed. and i am loving it.

emily got a new job! she's going to be a jr imaging geophysicist for cgg veritas, and oil company here in houston. she's going to be earning twice as much, getting a ton of awesome benefits (3 weeks paid vacation per year, health, life, and dental insurance to name a few), and is actually going to be using her degrees and working with smart people! and, there is a lot of opportunity for advancement. she is so excited, and i'm happy for her. her current job has been making her miserable. the people there are complete idiots, they treat her terribly, don't pay her what she's worth, and there are no benefits. she put in her notice today. it's great. she's been so smiley for the last few days, which makes me smiley, too, so it's all good.

i got a couple new photo apps for my iphone, one of which lets me color part of a picture while leaving the rest b&w, and i've been having fun with it. i haven't really been taking my real camera with me lately, so all i've got from anything that has happened in the last few weeks is iphone photos. but they're turning out decently so it's okay.

i've been studying a lot for orals. kepler's been helping (see below). i need to talk to cin-ty this week to find out when they're going to be. they were originally going to be end of april-beginning of may, but now we may push them back to sometime in the summer so i have more time to prepare. we have two visiting scientists from france here right now that were here last year. we get along really well. i'm going to have a chat with them, probably the week after next, and bounce around some ideas with them. it's good to have a fresh perspective on things, and one of them always comes up with crazy random ideas that sometimes lead to interesting research, so i'm looking forward to talking with them.

lpsc is this coming week. i'm only going for a couple of the days. just don't have time. i'll go monday afternoon to see my co-advisor's talk, tuesday afternoon to one session, then i'm skipping wednesday but staying with my friends wednesday night because thursday morning at 9 i have to give my advisor's talk because he'll be teaching and i live an hour and a half - two hours away. i'll probably stay all day thursday because there's a poster session in the evening i want to go to, and then i'll go all day friday. but i'll have monday and tuesday mornings, and all day wednesday to work. then the next week, i have monday and tuesday, and then the california field trip is wednesday - sunday. ugh. it'll be a good trip. i got awesome pictures last year, some of my favorites i've ever taken. but, i'll be driving and/or exhausted the whole time, so that doesn't leave much time for me to do any work. then the day after i get back, em starts her new job. three weeks later school is done. yikes. i can use the bulk of my second proposal for my term project in my advanced petrology class, but it's not done yet. that'll be this weekend's fun.

args, my battery's about to die. have to head inside and plug in. i want to stay out here. whine. em's going to meet me at county line later for dinner (mmm bbq) so maybe we'll eat outside.
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i have just completed my first year of my phd at rice. turned in my project and lab and final exam for remote sensing. all done. happiness and light.

i got a flash on friday and went around the rice courtyard with lindsay on saturday learning how to use it. it was a good time and i got a few good pictures. below are my favorites.

more lindsay pictures )

and then yesterday, i had my first paying portrait session! one of lisa's other bridesmaids, jennifer, and her husband, trey, wanted pictures of them with their dogs. so we went out to this pond near their house and had a blast.

more jennifer and trey pictures )

so i sent jennifer the link and she shared it with her friends and now one of her friends wants me to take pictures for her! so exciting!

i also bought myself a 70-300 image stabilized lens. it's so awesome! i took a couple pictures of kepler sitting about six feet away, zoomed all the way in. so cool!

and now, it's time for me to watch the spurs playoff game. weee!!


Dec. 29th, 2007 04:31 pm
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i spent a week in austin for christmas. i got to see sara! we saw national treasure 2, which was hilarious, ate at chuy's, and did some shopping. i had lunch with terri, which is always fun.

mars (bright dot middle left), the moon, taurus (below and a little right of the moon), and orion (bottom right) were close enough in the sky for me to get some pictures.

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i've been busy lately. moved to houston with emily. it's going well. apartment is slowly getting unpacked. pictures of the bathroom and kitchen. we got nice furniture from christi and johnny, such as the fabulous futon below.

there are several pictures, so here's a cut )

i've been going to rice and getting things going for the last week or so. my advisor is awesome and private school is so much better than anywhere else i've been. i'll be taking trace elements/isotope geochemistry and global tectonics, along with some research credits, when school starts.

i am working on an abstract because i'm going to present my thesis research at lpi's workshop on water in planetary basalts in november. exciting. abstract is due tuesday. it's difficult picking and choosing what to take out of an 80-page thesis to put into a 2-page extended abstract. yay condensing!

emily, christi, and johnny are all getting scuba certified over labor day, which means i get to get wet, too. i'm so excited. i haven't been diving since cozumel in may 2005. waaaay too long. i've been doing a lot of website work for my old dive instructor, ek, which has been nice, since i've had the time to put into it that i want to so it all looks decent.

i'm getting together with my college roommate, lisa, this weekend. turns out she lives all of 15 minutes away. it'll be nice to be able to see her more often.

that's pretty much everything, i think. things are going well. very much looking forward to school starting.
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the sun was setting so kepler and i went out on the patio for a few minutes. it's nice outside.

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more fun )

kepler helped immensely

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i decided to take the day today just for me. i slept in, chatted with zack for awhile, cleaned up the kitchen because it was bugging me, and spent some quality time with kepler. i made chocolate chunk and peanut butter insanity cookies. my house smells really good now.

i got to talk to sara for awhile, which was great. she's doing well and is so happy to be done with chemo. she was telling me how excited she was to know that next weekend, she won't have to be sick. she can plan something to do. she can do anything. it's wonderful. we talked about todd a bit and how a girl named heather asked him out. i don't know what it is about heathers and saras being attracted to wegner boys. and i told her about him being promoted to sergeant, and we're both very proud of him. sergeant todd! he's going to be in uniform at my graduation. so fun. i also made plans to meet up with jamie and christi when i'm in houston for lpsc. woo!

my entire torso is sore from spending so much time at the batting cages with todd and kirsten last night. it was a blast, and i really needed the practice since i haven't been able to play the last few weeks because of my sprained finger. we've got a game on sunday night. guess i'll have to tape the oscars. i'm sure ellen will make it hilarious.

i painted my toenails a fun shade of green called "big money frost" (yes, i'm laughing, too.) and took some more pictures of the sky after it got dark. no wispy clouds tonight. it was perfectly clear.

startled kepler

looking up at kep

my green-toed feet


the moon and the pleiades cluster

so, tomorrow i'll finish grading and write up my annual report and program of study. and make teriyaki pork loin. yum. but for now, it's time for ranch chicken and some tv-watching. it's been nice to have a day to relax.
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i spent the entire day grading and running errands. i'll teach two labs and have softball practice tomorrow and then finish all the grading on friday, leaving the weekend free. exciting. and i took some pictures. mostly of the sky a little while after the sun had gone down. and one showing exactly how fuzzy my cat's paws are.

the moon and venus

an airplane passing overhead


streaks from a car driving by

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the stargazing event went well last night. i got out there a bit early so i caught a nice sunset. i only had one problem person out of 50. she was drunk and couldn't see anything in the telescope and kept telling me i didn't have it on anything and i was bullshitting her, even when other people told her there was indeed something in the eyepiece. she was just so drunk she couldn't get her head at the right angle to see anything so she was viewing the side of the eyepiece. but the rest of the crowd was very impressed. i showed them jupiter (and all four of the galilean satellites were visible), the hercules globular cluster, the ring nebula, and the andromeda galaxy. pointed out some stars and constellations and you could even see the milky way a little bit. the only problem was the people putting on the thing (it was a huge ordeal with hummer tours of the desert and a cookout.) had giant bright lights so it was really hard to see things (see the telescope to the left? that was AFTER they turned some of them off.). the guests had to put their hands up to their eyes to shield them from the lights. ugh. they come all the way out to the desert (some from england, some from holland, some from the northeast, some from texas!) because of the dark, clear skies. and then they can't see them because of the bloody lights. frustrating. oh well. they still seemed to enjoy it.

i was feeling like shit after i got home because it had been such a long and stressful day, so i ate some food, did NOT set an alarm, and went to bed. slept pretty soundly until 5am when my lovely aunt dana called me. actually, my 7(? 8?)-year-old cousin katy called me. so i had this nice high-pitched voice in my ear after being awakened from a dead sleep telling me about seeing the international space station fly over. uh huh, that's good katy. is your mom around? then dana gets on and says, "that was the most amazing thing i've ever seen!"'s 5am, dana. "right, but it was so awesome!" uh huh. then she realizes i'm REALLY not awake and will not be coherent for a conversation at the moment so she tells me to call her later and we hang up. i had given her the website where you can look up when it will be flying over your location. it's especially bright now since the latest shuttle mission deployed more solar panels. so it's quite impressive and they were so excited they had to call me at 5am to tell me all about it. at least i was able to go back to sleep.

think i got my mom to get off the "you don't have enough money to fly home for thanksgiving" thing because i'll be getting a check in the next couple weeks for $250 for the last two stargazing events i've run so that will cover the cost of a plane ticket and then some. so that's good.

going to put my run up soon. then happy hour at four peaks and then the grey's anatomy season premiere. woo!

it's 82 degrees outside. check this out. 60s at night and high 80s to low 90s in the day. hell yes. it feels wonderful outside. about damn time, too. i love weather like this. makes me happy.

kepler decided last night to make himself comfortable in my bed. had to kick him out so i could go to sleep. silly cat.

sent sara and todd their birthday presents earlier this week so they should get there in the next day or two. maybe even today. fun. they're going to like them.

need to fill out the form so i can vote by absentee ballot for the texas elections in november. i like their directions: "You may open this form (PDF, 38kb), print the application, fill in the information, sign and date it. You will then put it in an envelope, add postage, and mail to the Early Voting Clerk in your county." you know, in case you've never used the mail system before. and you WILL put it in an envelope, etc. you have no choice. do it. do it now.

time to go put my run in. yay!

hell yes

Jun. 1st, 2006 02:01 am
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oh man, i feel great. actually, i'm exhausted and have a throbbing hip. i just got home from my lab and it's 2am. but, i was so productive and got everything done that i needed to! should be able to have my starting material cooking in the furnace over the weekend. so exciting! that means starting experiments next week! i'd like to have a whole set of experiments done before tom gets back from field camp so he knows i can be injured and still be productive. hell yes. i kick ass. and i'm in a weird mood. combination of elation and exhaustion. makes for fun times. so yeah. don't ask. i don't know.

todd came back today. i picked him up from the airport and we went to ruby tuesdays for lunch. salad bar and a cheeseburger sans the bun. it was so good. need to get some hamburger meat so i can make my own on my george forman grill. woo. took a bunch of pictures to school and put them up in my office. i should take a picture of my office and post it. my office is okay but it's really hot down there (i'd think it would be cooler in the basement but no) so i need to get a fan. and i don't have internet access, which will drive me nuts if i can't get it soon. all about my experiments. ) it was a long ass day but it was very satisfying.

apparently to get a passport you have to know where your parents were born. i was filling out my application this evening so i can take it to the post office tomorrow or friday and i realized i have no clue where my dad was born. so i'll have to ask my mom tomorrow. had to do some photo-shopping on my photo because they want a plain background. before and after. couldn't get rid of all the darker part on the right without way too much effort so i made it into a shadow. it's not as impressive as me making a person disappear and replacing her with landscape, but i think it'll do.

so i have a new addiction. crystal light has come out with a fruit punch flavor. it tastes like koolaid. so good. and south beach-approved. and it's making me drink as much water as i should. so it's good all around. yay!

i learned something new about my cat. if i want him to go completely nuts, don't get him catnip. give him tuna. holy crap. he has been bouncing around all night and i just gave him a little bite like six hours ago! he was trying to wrestle one of my paintbrushes and has been doing laps around the apartment. it's all quite entertaining. i hope he'll chill out and let me sleep though.

tomorrow. let's see. i might make it to the post office. i need to make sara's mp3 cd/dvd and print out the collage i made her still. kinda want to do the passport and sending everything off all in one swoop. so maybe that won't happen till friday. i've got physical therapy at 3:30 i think. and i should fill out my loan application and get the ball rolling on that. todd's sister is coming into town tomorrow and he mentioned seeing 'x-men 3.' woo. okay, falling asleep at the computer. bedtime. hehe, i just told my friend erin i was going to crash and she goes, "i am going to go to bed AFTER you?" i wonder if it's good that i'm so well-known for staying up to all hours of the night. oh well. party on wayne...
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kepler was trying to chase the snowflakes falling on 'ice age' on tv. picture

kep and me

Mar. 4th, 2006 11:37 pm
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kepler was happy to see me when i got home from the party (those pictures will be posted later)

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my cat is a nut. i got new headphones and the plastic front of the package was lying on the floor. kepler found it and decided he needed to kill it. there are some parts of the plastic sticking up so he was biting those and he'd raise his head and the plastic would come with it. hehehe he looks up and there's this huge plastic thing attached to his face. so funny.

pictures! )


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