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a couple weeks ago, em and i took a trip to austin. we went to mckinney falls state park, wandered around town lake overlooking downtown with sara, played with my dog crash, and stopped in a few fields of bluebonnets on the way home.

downtown with sara and em




a road named for one of my favorite schist units

enjoying the sun, the wind, and my freshly-cut hair



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i know it's uncharacteristic of me to be spewing so much happiness, but you'll have to bear with me for awhile at least. i'm feeling really good. my house is clean, we have a bunch of candles lit that smell nice and look pretty, i got to take a long leisurely shower today, all the food has been purchased for thanksgiving, we have fresh flowers in the house that have opened beautifully, and really my only problem is a headache that's almost gone. i feel a lot lighter. em got home early and is playing a football video game and i am freely surfing the internet. with no guilt because i should be doing something for school! i finished editing the portraits of terri's dogs that i took when we were in austin back in october. now i'm waiting for sara to get here, at which point we'll go to dinner and see 2012. nothing says thanksgiving like a good disaster flick.

we were looking at the calendar earlier, and i've got stuff to do for the class i teach all of next week, but the week after that i have nothing. nothing! my thesis is due december 4th to the grad office, which is the last day of classes, and then my students have an open-note take-home final, so they won't have a review. i don't know what i'll do with myself! it's going to be awesome. i'm excited.

i was thinking that having a job five minutes from my house will make it easier to do things like cooking and going to the gym. i'll be done at 5 or 6 and i can go to the gym and be home by 7. or if i want to skip the gym and make some awesome five-course meal, i totally can. it's going to be fun trying new recipes.


Nov. 24th, 2009 04:02 pm
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i passed!!!!! so now i get to have a nice relaxing thanksgiving with sara and emily! going to see 2012, make and eat a ton of awesome food, watch some football, and then friday we're decorating for christmas! so exciting!!! and it'll be so much more relaxing now. ahhhh. much better :)

and, barnaby's for dinner with em and brian. yum. happiness.


Nov. 20th, 2009 10:19 am
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maybe it's the lack of sleep and the stress of my upcoming defense, but that comic cracked me up this morning.

so, i got the job at lpi!!! i'm so excited! i've wanted to work there since i was an intern in 2004. it's an amazing environment and the people are fantastic. stephanie, the woman who's going to be my boss is really great. she's been emailing me asking how my defense prep is going and telling me how excited she is that i'm taking the job. i start january 4th, so i've got time to do my defense, make any corrections to my paper, get it submitted, and have some time to relax over christmas. very exciting. really, if i can just get through the next four days, things will be loads better. plan for this weekend is to go through my thesis with a fine-toothed comb and look up any details i've forgotten and read over the abstracts of all the papers i've cited. and practice my powerpoint a few thousand times.

i was driving an hour and a half through the rain this morning through horrible traffic to make it to school too late to park anywhere but paid parking and i was thinking how nice it's going to be to have a five-minute commute through neighborhood streets to get to work. seriously. it's 45 minutes of driving plus 15 minutes of walking from the parking lot on a good day with no traffic. now i'll have 5 minutes of driving and 30 seconds of walking from the parking lot. it's going to be awesome. i can't wait. i actually only have four more days of sitting in horrible rush hour traffic to get to school. monday next week and mwf the week after thanksgiving. then classes are over and i'll have to run a couple review sessions and have office hours, but those will be in the afternoon. woot.

we're getting a cable box installed in the guest room this afternoon, so in a bit brian's taking me to lunch and then i'm heading home to work while waiting for the cable guy. just in time for sara to enjoy it when she comes to visit next wednesday. she's excited. i'm excited, too. thanksgiving is going to be so nice. i have an awesome job lined up and my defense will be done. yay thanksgiving.
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the rear-ending incident resulted in my back muscles being sprained. weeee. i've got some muscle relaxers, and the doc only wants me at school for half days. i'm supposed to spend the rest of my time lying down resting my back. since i've got group meeting at 5 today, i'm just now getting to school, which is nice. mwf i ta from 9-10 so i have to be at school early, so then i leave at 2 or 3. a bit more than a half day, but oh well. i've got stuff to do.

all of my reading groups and group meetings have been moved to the afternoon except for one at noon on fridays, freeing up my lunchtimes. em's been coming and picking me up for lunch one or two days a week, which has been really nice. it breaks up the day.

the class i'm ta-ing is a 101 class with not a single science major among them, which is not uncommon. what is uncommon is that they're asking thoughtful questions and actually putting in effort to understand things. i even got emailed questions about the first homework assignment. i'm used to sfa and asu students who barely show up, ask questions that just show they weren't listening and hadn't read anything, and don't ask anything outside of class until right before an exam. this is a nice change. i expect that from upper-level students but i was pleasantly surprised getting it from freshmen liberal arts majors and football players.

i got a 32-inch samsung lcd tv for the bedroom this weekend, and em got a new dresser. it's so pretty! we had the 42-inch in the living room and then my old crappy tv in the bedroom that's dying so it's very dark, and red and black are pretty much the only colors. the new one is so big and bright and vibrant! no more, "i want to watch this show/movie, but i want to lie down so i have to pick because it's too dark to watch in the bedroom and see anything." exciting. :)

found a new band, at target of all places. i was listening to their demo music on some bose headphones and heard "tell me" by good old war and "best of everything" by barefoot truth. so i got their cds off itunes and they turn out to be great working music. and good driving music too. a lot of good things have come from target. the tv was $50 off there. and it turns out they have really amazing meat in their grocery section! we usually get everything from heb, but we were picking up a couple things and were at target anyway so we went to the meat section. they had fantastic looking steaks so we got a couple and some corn and french bread. went home and i grilled everything up on my tiny little grill on the patio. YUM. the steaks were juicy and had great flavor, the grilled corn was nice and smoky, and the garlic bread was toasted. i also made homemade mashed potatoes, and em made an apple pie. we had a feast. it was fantastic. i'm glad we have the little grill now. i've missed grilling. and as fall comes and it gets cooler it'll be even more fun. woot. it's also small enough to take camping, if we ever find the time. this fall is pretty packed.

my cousin erin is coming in this weekend for a visit. em is taking me to see britney spears (i know, i know, but she loves her and she bought my ticket.) wednesday. the following thursday we're going to see blink 182 with fallout boy, the all-american rejects, and asher roth. october 8-12 we'll be in arizona doing the photos for my friend beck's wedding and post-wedding party. october 17 em is competing in dragon boat races with her company. october 23-25 we'll be in austin doing portrait sessions and seeing people. october 31 we're going to see brand new in concert. november 14 we're seeing ludo. em's dad might be coming to visit sometime in november. december 4 is the enlightenment? banquet my dept holds. december 12 we're seeing kelly clarkson is the thriving metropolis of beaumont. then in late december we're taking a giant road trip from texas to new jersey/new york/pennsylvania for christmas. stops in atlanta and washington, dc, probably on the way back. it's busy. i think camping will probably have to wait until the spring.

sara got a new car yesterday. a steel-colored civic hybrid. i'm glad. she's been driving a kia for several years and it kept breaking and had some pretty major problems, like not being able to stop in the rain, even with new tires. i always worried about her when she had that car, so i'm glad she's gotten something more dependable. she has yet to send me pictures though. i'll have to get on her about that.

we had some storms come through last week and i got a couple pictures of the light shining from outside through rain on the window onto em's face. i think they turned out pretty cool. just slightly blurry from the long exposure.

it looks like i'm going to get some work in houston for a change! i was telling one of my geology buddies about my website, and another girl that's in the dept was there and said that she and her fiancee hadn't gotten their engagement pictures done yet. i sent her my website so she could see my stuff, and we'll see what happens. it would be nice to have something local, rather than traveling every time for a shoot.

back to work.
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emily, sara, and i headed down to the blanton museum of art at the university of texas last weekend and got some fun portraits at an art installation there. it looks like this (not my picture). much fun. it was called a sculpture, which was a disagreement between sara and em, because sara doesn't think attaching a bunch of yellow tubing you can get from home depot to a frame was a sculpture, but em thought if you put anything together from pieces it was. but anyway. it was a great place for pictures.











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when em and i were in austin last weekend, we hooked up with sara and went to the 81st annual zilker kite festival. it's funny how they made such a big deal about being the 81st annual, like the oscars did, but i don't remember anyone making any fuss about the 80th. anyway, the part of the park where they had the festival was a big bulldozed mud pit because they're putting in a sprinkler system (see picture below), so they had everyone spread amongst the smaller open areas. not as cool as last year because there wasn't a nice backdrop of downtown behind all the people flying kites, but it was still a good time. tons of crazy austinite with all their babies and dogs. some pictures below, the rest on facebook.

i also like that i can tell in pictures of myself that i'm losing weight. i can't tell from day to day but if i compare pictures from the last week with some from christmas, it's nice to see the change.
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1. we're almost completely moved out of the old place. i was going to finish this weekend and today, but...

2. i got sick. i feel like a truck hit me. sore throat, fever, cough, congestion, the works. fun fun. and it especially sucks because i'm alone because...

3. emily is in duluth, mn. she passed her thesis defense with flying colors today, as i knew she would. and she called me and said she couldn't have done it without me. made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. she's coming back tomorrow afternoon. escaping the tundra. seriously, there was a blizzard while she was there. yuck.

4. i love hot chocolate.

5. both cats are keeping me company sleeping on the bed. they're sweet.

6. i have to turn my paper into a complete proposal draft due on jan 15. i also have another project for my second proposal that i'm working on and will have a meeting with my co-advisor raj sometime the week after christmas.

7. sara's coming for new year's! i'm so excited.

8. if i'm feeling better i'm going to austin this weekend for some family stuff and seeing erin and sara. if not, i might see my family sometime in january. or february. who knows.

9. i don't like being sick.

10. there is a facebook group of gay penguin equality. i love it. the description is awesome. "This wouldn't happen if gay penguins were allowed to adopt. Gay penguins steal eggs from straight couples..." hehehe.
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since it's about to be august, i figured i'd post my 4th of july pictures.

em and i went to austin for the weekend, and i took her to the stone cows in the arboretum. we had fun (attempting) to climb on them.

erin, sara, emily, and i went to county line for our annual 4th bbq.

throwing gang signs

we went to the top level of a parking garage overlooking the lake to watch fireworks.

the next day, em and i went down under my bridge over the lake and then headed to the park for some swinging

it was great fun! the rest of the pictures are here
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i got to go to austin for thanksgiving. my mom cooked a delicious meal and it was nice seeing my family.

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i went to austin last weekend for sara's birthday. we had a blast. i had missed her. we went to chuy's and had fantastic mexican food, went to a movie, and stopped by krispy kreme for dessert. yum. we went by my grandma's and my parents' houses to show them sara's birthday present (a photo book of our cruise last year i had made). there were monarch butterflies near my grandma's patio. we hung around sara's house and talked and caught up, which was wonderful. she got blinds for her bedroom from her parents for her birthday so she showed them off to me. the next day we had rudy's bbq for lunch before i headed back to houston, stopping in mcdade to see erin on the way. it was a good time.

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sara and i went to the dock on lake austin to swim the other day. however, it was FREEZING (read: painfully cold) from all the rain and the water flowing out of the bottom of lake travis (682 feet deep) into my lake, so we didn't stay in very long. we'll go back in a couple weeks when it's warmer since the rains have stopped. i got a few pictures of the sun sparkling off the lake. a few days ago after the rain stopped, i took some photos of my mom's gerbera daisies in our front yard.

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a few minor things have happened in the last few weeks. i flew to austin for christi and johnny's wedding and played photographer. i had fun and they got a bunch of pictures they liked, so it all worked out nicely. flew back to tempe. emily came to visit and we drove to moab, utah, where we spent my 25th birthday. when did i get so old? a quarter of a century. craziness.

anyway, the last however-many posts were pictures from that trip. we started out by doing the 8ish-hour drive to moab, stopping along the way to take lots of photos. the next day we headed out to arches national park, where i finally got to see delicate arch. after arches, we attempted going on the la sal loop and then the gold basin trail to get up into the la sal mountains. there were some horses by the road, and the baby horse had a two-toned black and white tail. so cute. anyway, there was so much mud and snow that the trail was pretty much impassable so we didn't even get halfway up the mountain (12,000 ft). however, we did see plenty of snow, mountains, and aspen trees. we came down out of the mountains and took some pictures of moab at night. the next day, we took some pictures around moab and some of the colorado river before heading out of town. the drive back took considerably longer because we stopped at natural bridges national monument and drove the long way through monument valley, catching the sunset. we took a few pictures of the highway, stars, and silhouette of monument valley against the darkening sky before driving the long road back to tempe. 1200 miles in three days. fun stuff.

a couple days later, my parents arrived in tempe for my graduation. i now hold a masters degree in geological sciences from arizona state university. woo. the ceremony was at 8am. whoever decided to hold commencement at that wretched hour needs to be hit over the head with something heavy. ugh. mom, dad, matthew, emily, and zack all got up nice and early with me to attend. they yelled, "YAR!!!" like pirates when i went across the stage. so fun. we went to the botanical gardens after eating at olive garden to take silly pictures. some day those will be posted. that evening, i had a bunch of my friends over and we grilled fajita meat and veggies and had a good old time. the next morning, we got up bright and early and trekked up to the grand canyon. stayed in flagstaff that night and went to meteor crater and painted desert/petrified desert the next day. caught a couple very nice sunsets. irritated my dad by rolling down the window every few minutes to take pictures while he was driving. they'll get put up at some point, too.

parents left the next day and emily left the day after that. i spent the next five days packing. then movers took away most of my stuff to austin, and the next two days were spent finishing packing and cleaning my house (we're getting our full deposit back! woo! though half of it will go towards our final electric bill. ugh...) while sleeping in thijs and beck's graciously-offered guest bedroom with my poor, extremely freaked out cat. they're wonderful people. we swam in their awesome pool and played catch with my underwater torpedo. it was really hard to leave them, especially beck. but, they're going to try to come to houston in the fall. i left at about 11:30pm and drove all night and all day. i stopped to take pictures of some gorgeous texas wildflowers, only to find there were butterflies, too. i'll get those up at some point. got to drive through some crazy hard rain and sit in rush hour traffic. went to dinner (bbq!) with sara and emily before seeing pirates of the caribbean 3 at 10:30. even managed to stay awake somehow. i've spent the last week or so running errands, spending time with friends and family, grilling (hot dogs and corn on memorial day and steaks tonight), and generally enjoying being back in texas, back in "my home country," as kirsten put it. it is nice to be back where things make sense.

emily and i are going to houston this weekend. staying with christi and johnny. looking for apartments for the fall, and christi mentioned some phototreking adventure. should be a good time. i just need to unload the rest of my stuff from my car. and get a new swimsuit that actually fits so we can take advantage of their pool. i'm getting a haircut (finally!) tomorrow. speaking of, i need to get to bed so i'll actually get up for the appointment. goodnight!

oh, one more thing. GO SPURS!!!
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woo! my friends christi and johnny (below) are getting married in austin in a couple of weeks. they've hired me to be the photographer so they're paying for my flight to austin! i'm so excited. i've never shot a wedding before. it should be fun. i'm a little nervous but i think it'll be great. they're getting married at chapel dulcinea, which looks gorgeous. and, since i'll be in town, sara, emily, and i are going to the midnight opening show of spider-man 3. yay! and i'll get some chuy's mexican food and county line bbq. yum.

also, the abstract for my thesis was emailed out today. seems this whole defense thing is actually going to happen. exciting. the abstract can be read and admired by all here )
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i decided to take the day today just for me. i slept in, chatted with zack for awhile, cleaned up the kitchen because it was bugging me, and spent some quality time with kepler. i made chocolate chunk and peanut butter insanity cookies. my house smells really good now.

i got to talk to sara for awhile, which was great. she's doing well and is so happy to be done with chemo. she was telling me how excited she was to know that next weekend, she won't have to be sick. she can plan something to do. she can do anything. it's wonderful. we talked about todd a bit and how a girl named heather asked him out. i don't know what it is about heathers and saras being attracted to wegner boys. and i told her about him being promoted to sergeant, and we're both very proud of him. sergeant todd! he's going to be in uniform at my graduation. so fun. i also made plans to meet up with jamie and christi when i'm in houston for lpsc. woo!

my entire torso is sore from spending so much time at the batting cages with todd and kirsten last night. it was a blast, and i really needed the practice since i haven't been able to play the last few weeks because of my sprained finger. we've got a game on sunday night. guess i'll have to tape the oscars. i'm sure ellen will make it hilarious.

i painted my toenails a fun shade of green called "big money frost" (yes, i'm laughing, too.) and took some more pictures of the sky after it got dark. no wispy clouds tonight. it was perfectly clear.

startled kepler

looking up at kep

my green-toed feet


the moon and the pleiades cluster

so, tomorrow i'll finish grading and write up my annual report and program of study. and make teriyaki pork loin. yum. but for now, it's time for ranch chicken and some tv-watching. it's been nice to have a day to relax.
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the stargazing event went well last night. i got out there a bit early so i caught a nice sunset. i only had one problem person out of 50. she was drunk and couldn't see anything in the telescope and kept telling me i didn't have it on anything and i was bullshitting her, even when other people told her there was indeed something in the eyepiece. she was just so drunk she couldn't get her head at the right angle to see anything so she was viewing the side of the eyepiece. but the rest of the crowd was very impressed. i showed them jupiter (and all four of the galilean satellites were visible), the hercules globular cluster, the ring nebula, and the andromeda galaxy. pointed out some stars and constellations and you could even see the milky way a little bit. the only problem was the people putting on the thing (it was a huge ordeal with hummer tours of the desert and a cookout.) had giant bright lights so it was really hard to see things (see the telescope to the left? that was AFTER they turned some of them off.). the guests had to put their hands up to their eyes to shield them from the lights. ugh. they come all the way out to the desert (some from england, some from holland, some from the northeast, some from texas!) because of the dark, clear skies. and then they can't see them because of the bloody lights. frustrating. oh well. they still seemed to enjoy it.

i was feeling like shit after i got home because it had been such a long and stressful day, so i ate some food, did NOT set an alarm, and went to bed. slept pretty soundly until 5am when my lovely aunt dana called me. actually, my 7(? 8?)-year-old cousin katy called me. so i had this nice high-pitched voice in my ear after being awakened from a dead sleep telling me about seeing the international space station fly over. uh huh, that's good katy. is your mom around? then dana gets on and says, "that was the most amazing thing i've ever seen!"'s 5am, dana. "right, but it was so awesome!" uh huh. then she realizes i'm REALLY not awake and will not be coherent for a conversation at the moment so she tells me to call her later and we hang up. i had given her the website where you can look up when it will be flying over your location. it's especially bright now since the latest shuttle mission deployed more solar panels. so it's quite impressive and they were so excited they had to call me at 5am to tell me all about it. at least i was able to go back to sleep.

think i got my mom to get off the "you don't have enough money to fly home for thanksgiving" thing because i'll be getting a check in the next couple weeks for $250 for the last two stargazing events i've run so that will cover the cost of a plane ticket and then some. so that's good.

going to put my run up soon. then happy hour at four peaks and then the grey's anatomy season premiere. woo!

it's 82 degrees outside. check this out. 60s at night and high 80s to low 90s in the day. hell yes. it feels wonderful outside. about damn time, too. i love weather like this. makes me happy.

kepler decided last night to make himself comfortable in my bed. had to kick him out so i could go to sleep. silly cat.

sent sara and todd their birthday presents earlier this week so they should get there in the next day or two. maybe even today. fun. they're going to like them.

need to fill out the form so i can vote by absentee ballot for the texas elections in november. i like their directions: "You may open this form (PDF, 38kb), print the application, fill in the information, sign and date it. You will then put it in an envelope, add postage, and mail to the Early Voting Clerk in your county." you know, in case you've never used the mail system before. and you WILL put it in an envelope, etc. you have no choice. do it. do it now.

time to go put my run in. yay!
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because we have very little, not exactly in the form i need, it's damn expensive, it sucks up iron if that's in your starting composition (of course mine is really iron-rich), and when it sucks up the iron, it becomes really brittle. ugh! stupid platinum! why can't you just behave?! this is going to be a very work-heavy entry, so beware.

met john at school and the two of us searched for two hours for a damn platinum crucible for me to do my furnace experiments in today. we found two that were too big and one that was the right size but looked like it had been through a nuclear blast and was full of holes (= no good for holding liquid). asked everyone we could find. nope, no one has one. and they're crazy expensive. like $1000 each. which i'm sure tom doesn't want to spend but he's at field camp so i can't ask him. finally michelle came down to do some work and it dawned on me that she might have one. and she does. so it might work out, but i might kill it with all the iron and then i'd have to buy her a new one (enter tom and his money again). of course, this was at 4:30, which is way too late to start on everything. and so once again we are pushed back a day. and we added another step so i'm actually pushed back two days. grumble. and i have to have platinum tubing in my assemblies once i start doing runs and apparently whomever we buy from has gone out of business so i have a little piece 3 inches long and that's all there is in the world of asu. which is definitely not enough for a thesis. have to find a new place to buy platinum tubing. in all its expensive glory. yes, i'm griping. do i care? no.

i did get my starting material made, which is nice because i am now done with that whole set of calculations and i don't have to look at them anymore. finally. weighed everything out and got to grind it up. that was a good stress reliever from the grand platinum search of 2006. i ground it in alcohol so it would be homogeneous (and not splash out of the container) and you'd think it would dry quickly, but no. after an hour and a half of waiting, i got impatient and put it in an oven. it's almost dry and it's only been 15 minutes. much better. means i can go home soon.

ooh! and! i tried my hand at electric arc welding! so fun! makes a loud crackling noise and blue sparks and everything! hehe! my new toy. i likey. seem to be decent at it too, which is super since i'll be doing it quite a bit.

i haven't seen todd or kirsten since saturday. maybe i'll see if they want to do something tonight.

it appears i am obsessed with austin todd and sara. of the 22 pictures i have hanging in my office, 10 are either of them or pictures taken when we were out doing something. i can't help it that we take such good pictures together...

tomorrow's busy. physical therapy at 10am. home by noon, shower and food. then up to school. session with adrienne at 2. need to put my nicely mixed (almost dry! couple more minutes!) starting material in the box furnace and crank it up to 1000°C over the course of two hours. let it sit for another hour. regrind it. put it in a glass container till thursday.

so i made mars dust today. started out as mars soup. then to mars pudding. then mars clay. now it's mars dust in a bottle. fun stuff. i'm such a dork.

starting material should be dry. time to pack it up and go home! woo!

EDIT: i was overwhelmed by the smell of rain as i emerged from the basement. got up to the ground floor and it was plenty cloudy and windy but it wasn't raining. no no, we got a crazy duststorm. and i got to walk the 15 minutes to my car in it. the drive home was lovely too. ugh. hope it stops soon. the sky is brown.
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saraaaaaa!!! my baby graduated from ut today!!! she's all grown up! i'm so proud! yay sara woo! i love you babe!

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decided to stay up till i take jorge to the airport at 6:15. getting a few hours of sleep, getting up, and going back to sleep tends to make me feel worse than if i had just stayed up. and i am actually being productive! cleaned out my bathtub, which i've neglected for awhile. made two webpages and finished up all the work for so all i've got left for ek is probably about 12 hours of work. i'll split it up over the weekend and be done before school. so exciting.

need to talk to james next week about working on i'm excited about that project. he's giving me free creative reign to do whatever i wish, so long as it looks professional. yay!

been emailing a lot with sara. i'm going to be sad when school starts and i'll lose my late-night email buddy. it's probably a good thing. maybe i'll be more inclined to go to bed at a decent hour (since i'll actually have to get up and go to school too) if i don't have someone to talk to. she's great fun.

i'm in need of a snack. dinner was a long time ago and i'm going to be up for another five hours. i think it's time for a wheat bagel with some honey nut cream cheese and some apple soda. yum. and watch pirates of the caribbean (love this movie), watch my crazy cat go boinging around on his new tower, and write some in my awesome paper journal christi got me for christmas. if i'm feeling really ambitious later i might paint. we'll see how i'm doing later.

summary: staying up late late late but being productive, web design projects are fun, i love sara, time for food. bye again


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