Nov. 24th, 2009 04:02 pm
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i passed!!!!! so now i get to have a nice relaxing thanksgiving with sara and emily! going to see 2012, make and eat a ton of awesome food, watch some football, and then friday we're decorating for christmas! so exciting!!! and it'll be so much more relaxing now. ahhhh. much better :)

and, barnaby's for dinner with em and brian. yum. happiness.
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I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nov. 23rd, 2009 10:31 pm
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and now i'm nauseous. talk is just over 20 minutes, which is what it should be. hopefully i won't go super fast because of nerves tomorrow. i'm so ready to be done. i just wish it could happen without having to actually do the defense. things will be so much better tomorrow afternoon. hopefully. uuggghhh.

brian said that if you rearrange uuuggghhh, it spells hhhuuuggg. cute.


Nov. 20th, 2009 10:19 am
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maybe it's the lack of sleep and the stress of my upcoming defense, but that comic cracked me up this morning.

so, i got the job at lpi!!! i'm so excited! i've wanted to work there since i was an intern in 2004. it's an amazing environment and the people are fantastic. stephanie, the woman who's going to be my boss is really great. she's been emailing me asking how my defense prep is going and telling me how excited she is that i'm taking the job. i start january 4th, so i've got time to do my defense, make any corrections to my paper, get it submitted, and have some time to relax over christmas. very exciting. really, if i can just get through the next four days, things will be loads better. plan for this weekend is to go through my thesis with a fine-toothed comb and look up any details i've forgotten and read over the abstracts of all the papers i've cited. and practice my powerpoint a few thousand times.

i was driving an hour and a half through the rain this morning through horrible traffic to make it to school too late to park anywhere but paid parking and i was thinking how nice it's going to be to have a five-minute commute through neighborhood streets to get to work. seriously. it's 45 minutes of driving plus 15 minutes of walking from the parking lot on a good day with no traffic. now i'll have 5 minutes of driving and 30 seconds of walking from the parking lot. it's going to be awesome. i can't wait. i actually only have four more days of sitting in horrible rush hour traffic to get to school. monday next week and mwf the week after thanksgiving. then classes are over and i'll have to run a couple review sessions and have office hours, but those will be in the afternoon. woot.

we're getting a cable box installed in the guest room this afternoon, so in a bit brian's taking me to lunch and then i'm heading home to work while waiting for the cable guy. just in time for sara to enjoy it when she comes to visit next wednesday. she's excited. i'm excited, too. thanksgiving is going to be so nice. i have an awesome job lined up and my defense will be done. yay thanksgiving.


Nov. 18th, 2009 03:55 pm
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there are six days until my defense and em sent me this awesome card:

i did a practice talk today and have some minor changes but the talk seems to be in good shape. i'm taking the rest of the day off. i'm tired and my brain hurts.

em and i got up at 2am on tuesday and headed down to galveston to watch the leonids meteor shower. there weren't a lot of meteors, but i got pictures of a couple. and it was freezing! the cold front had just come through, so it was nice and clear, but very cold. for iso 6400, i'd say beefy did an awesome job. there was so much noise at 800 (don't even think about using 1600) on my old camera i never went above 400. it's nice having more options now.

leonid meteor (long streak in the upper right) over boats in the gulf of mexico


sirius (bright star on the left) and orion


orion (bright fuzzy object near the center is the great nebula in orion)


leonid (streak in the upper left) and orion


lastly, someone on my flist sent me this song and it made me chuckle. thanks, ilysse!

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i turned in my thesis to my committee yesterday. my advisor looked at it earlier this week and said it looked good, so hopefully my committee will think the same thing. my defense will be on november 24 at 12:30. it was a big problem to get a room reserved for a 2.5 hour chunk on a tuesday, so i'm in a giant lecture hall where we hold department seminars. i've given talks there before so i'm used to the room, but it's going to be weird to be in this huge room with just my committee after the general public leaves.

in other news, i think my second interview at lpi went well. i was there for 5 and a half hours. i got along great with the other group members and they seem to be my flavor of crazy, so i think i'd fit well with them. they said they'd let me know midweek next week. the woman who would be my boss and whom i'd be working with most closely has already called my advisor, so they're checking my references. i take that as a good sign. she wouldn't waste her time or my advisor's if they weren't interested. so now i get to wait. i really want this job. it would be absolutely perfect.

i'm now making my powerpoint for my defense so i can practice it over the next few days and have a pratice talk at school maybe on tuesday. it's almost done and looking good. i have pretty pictures and nice plots.

tonight em and i are going to see ludo. i need to call the venue and see if they allow cameras. it's a smaller venue (with super cheap tickets!) so they might, and i can see how beefy handles concert conditions.

lastly, hook 'em horns! we're killing baylor right now, and i'd love to see texas jump back up to #2 in the bcs. #3 is a horrible place to be.


Nov. 7th, 2009 05:28 pm
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the interview at lpi went really well! i have a second interview this coming wednesday, where i'll meet with the group i'd be working with and perform some sort of task. there also will be lunch involved, and the whole thing is supposed to take about four hours. i'm slightly terrified. this job would be perfect for me. it's coordinating planetary science education for everyone from girl scout leaders to college professors. and, lpi is all of five minutes from my house, so i'll be spending no money on gas instead of having to buy at least two tanks a week, and my health and dental insurance benefits start the day i start. they're all smart, funny, passionate people and i would love to work with them. i'd be sharing an office with one other person and have one whole wall of windows, where i can see all the deer that run around the building. all freaking amazing things. so hopefully i'll rock at whatever task i have to do and they'll hire me.

in other news, my thesis is just about finished. i'll be sending it to my advisor this weekend, and then my thesis committee gets it on friday. defense is the 24th. uggghhhhh. but after that, sara's coming in for thanksgiving on the 25th. we're going to go see 2012 (i am absurdly excited about this movie!), and i'm cooking thanksgiving dinner. i make a mean turkey. and badass mashed potatoes and chocolate pie. em makes sweet potatoes and a rocking pumpkin pie. and sara's bringing some fancy cookies from a place called tiff's treats. should be an awesome meal. and texas plays texas a&m so we'll have some good football to watch, too. the next day sara's going back to austin, and em and i are decorating for christmas. since we're going to new jersey for christmas, we're decorating as soon as thanksgiving is over so we'll have time to enjoy it before we leave. then i'll have to get to work on my thesis corrections. finished thesis is due to the graduate office on dec 4, which is also the last day of classes, so the following week all i'll have to do is office hours a couple of times, and maybe a review session or two for the final. so exciting. then to austin the week after that for a couple days for various and assorted doctor, dentist, and hair appointments, back to houston for more doctors and packing, and then leaving for new jersey on dec 18. good stuff. just have to get through the next two and a half weeks.

now back to formatting my thesis, as the formatting elves did not come and finish it for me while i was at target. sigh.
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the softball season is over. we got knocked out in the semi-finals. oh well. it was a fun season. we're all going to four peaks tonight to celebrate.

i am now done teaching labs at this school!!! just have to grade like mad for the next few days.

i have a couple of photo projects coming up, which should be fun. abby's boyfriend, eli, is a glass blower, and i'm going take some pictures of him working in his shop for his website. i leave for austin on tuesday night so i can play photographer at christi's wedding on wednesday. i can't wait!

i realized i hadn't put up my pictures from my after-defense celebration at the cheesecake factory, so here are a few of my favorites.

a couple more )

time to get back to grading. such fun.
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of seeing the sun rise. i've gotten 3.5 hours of sleep in the last 72 hours. it's almost over...
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more fun )

kepler helped immensely

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my thesis defense is tomorrow. that is all.
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woo! my friends christi and johnny (below) are getting married in austin in a couple of weeks. they've hired me to be the photographer so they're paying for my flight to austin! i'm so excited. i've never shot a wedding before. it should be fun. i'm a little nervous but i think it'll be great. they're getting married at chapel dulcinea, which looks gorgeous. and, since i'll be in town, sara, emily, and i are going to the midnight opening show of spider-man 3. yay! and i'll get some chuy's mexican food and county line bbq. yum.

also, the abstract for my thesis was emailed out today. seems this whole defense thing is actually going to happen. exciting. the abstract can be read and admired by all here )
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on a simpsons rerun tonight:
[rock wrapped with a note flies through window]
homer: ack! a flying rock! call a geologist!
hehe. always nice to know we're needed somewhere.

our first softball game was last night. it's intermural co-ed and composed of geology and astronomy grad students. we're the big bangers hehe. i got on base all three times i went to bat and scored twice, but i didn't have cleats and the bottoms of my shoes are pretty much worn flat. the first time i was running home as fast as i could because there were two coming in behind me and the ground is really hard and covered with a little layer of tiny rocks. and the top half of me was going faster than the bottom and i couldn't dig in because i didn't have cleats so i ended up sliding unintentionally. scraped up both my knees pretty nicely. but i scored. so i'm sore and was bleeding and my knees are pretty colors now but it was worth it. we won 12-4. much fun had by all. woo.

my new thesis kicks ass. i had a meeting with tom and john holloway to talk about it yesterday afternoon that lasted for an hour and we've got a game plan. i met with rick hervig this afternoon to tell him about it since he's on my committee and we changed it since last he knew about it. and he is going to let me compile all that is known about this martian meteorite i'll be working with for my term paper for geochem, and is really excited about it. the paper will end up being at least part of chapter 1 of my thesis and it's great that i can get it done as part of a class requirement.

saw inside man on saturday. it was awesome. i was all kinds of productive this weekend. friday night was girls night out. saturday was the public outreach event, shopping with todd, softball practice, dinner at outback (steak!), and movie. sunday was laundry and 9 hours of website work for my boss back in texas. got so much done. it was great.

time for dinner and then shopping for colloquium foodstuffs. weee...

summary: simpsons = funny, softball was a blast, my thesis is awesome, had a good weekend, time to eat!


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