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woo! i am the newly-elected geounion president! and i did it even without brian's speech! and lindsay is my secretary. so, yay.

going to austin tomorrow morning. i'm driving to dripping springs because zack will be in town from phoenix and i get to meet his girlfriend. so we're going to lunch tomorrow. then i'll be spending the evening with erin. sunday lunch is with sara, and then sunday evening is mother's day/my birthday celebration with my parents and brother and grandma. then lunch monday with my mom before heading back to school. busy busy.

my birthday was fun. i went with brian to get giant slices of pizza and then we went to the pompeii exhibit at the museum of fine arts of houston. it was really sad, but really amazing. they had the plaster molds of the people that died, and one of a dog. that was the worst part i think. the dog was chained up so he couldn't run away. and it was amazing one of the children they had there, the face was so well-preserved you could see his expression. it was crazy how the ash stayed that way, so we could see his expression when he died long after he had decomposed. insane. and they had a bunch of jewelry and statues of gods, mostly mercury and apollo, and utensils, and a surgical tool set that a doctor had, all taken from the bodies or around the bodies of these people. there were also some frescos from the walls and it told how they were made. they were really intricate and it's amazing that they survived. so that was cool. and it was nice that it was a weekday because there weren't many people there. then we looked around the rest of the museum, including this crazy light tunnel and some native american art of fish and badgers in bowls. i took some pictures of brian at the end of the light tunnel.

then we got ice cream, and went by a cupcakerie to get cupcakes for later. and then we parted ways because he had to get back to work. i headed over to the sketchers outlet and got some new shoes! for supercheap!

it was a good day. time to go pack for tomorrow. weee....
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i survived the california trip. got some good rocks and great pictures. i'll make a picture post at some point with my favorites.

this week is crazy.
today... make themis powerpoint. dishes. laundry and clean up my room.
tomorrow... give themis presentation in remote sensing. do az taxes online. food and group meeting? pay cable bill. work on cin-ty's homework. go to seminar. work on homework. laundry and clean up my room. scan taxes.
wednesday... go buy stamps. mail taxes. atmosphere class. finish cin-ty's homework. work on remote sensing venus lab. dinner with lisa.
thursday... remote sensing class. finish remote sensing venus lab. start remote sensing project. work on adrian's homework. go to seminar. work on homework. clean up living room.
friday... group meeting? finish adrian's homework. work on remote sensing project. beer friday.
saturday... apartment hunting with christi in clear lake.
sunday... maybe staying up with christi, not sure yet. working on remote sensing project if not.
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a few minor things have happened in the last few weeks. i flew to austin for christi and johnny's wedding and played photographer. i had fun and they got a bunch of pictures they liked, so it all worked out nicely. flew back to tempe. emily came to visit and we drove to moab, utah, where we spent my 25th birthday. when did i get so old? a quarter of a century. craziness.

anyway, the last however-many posts were pictures from that trip. we started out by doing the 8ish-hour drive to moab, stopping along the way to take lots of photos. the next day we headed out to arches national park, where i finally got to see delicate arch. after arches, we attempted going on the la sal loop and then the gold basin trail to get up into the la sal mountains. there were some horses by the road, and the baby horse had a two-toned black and white tail. so cute. anyway, there was so much mud and snow that the trail was pretty much impassable so we didn't even get halfway up the mountain (12,000 ft). however, we did see plenty of snow, mountains, and aspen trees. we came down out of the mountains and took some pictures of moab at night. the next day, we took some pictures around moab and some of the colorado river before heading out of town. the drive back took considerably longer because we stopped at natural bridges national monument and drove the long way through monument valley, catching the sunset. we took a few pictures of the highway, stars, and silhouette of monument valley against the darkening sky before driving the long road back to tempe. 1200 miles in three days. fun stuff.

a couple days later, my parents arrived in tempe for my graduation. i now hold a masters degree in geological sciences from arizona state university. woo. the ceremony was at 8am. whoever decided to hold commencement at that wretched hour needs to be hit over the head with something heavy. ugh. mom, dad, matthew, emily, and zack all got up nice and early with me to attend. they yelled, "YAR!!!" like pirates when i went across the stage. so fun. we went to the botanical gardens after eating at olive garden to take silly pictures. some day those will be posted. that evening, i had a bunch of my friends over and we grilled fajita meat and veggies and had a good old time. the next morning, we got up bright and early and trekked up to the grand canyon. stayed in flagstaff that night and went to meteor crater and painted desert/petrified desert the next day. caught a couple very nice sunsets. irritated my dad by rolling down the window every few minutes to take pictures while he was driving. they'll get put up at some point, too.

parents left the next day and emily left the day after that. i spent the next five days packing. then movers took away most of my stuff to austin, and the next two days were spent finishing packing and cleaning my house (we're getting our full deposit back! woo! though half of it will go towards our final electric bill. ugh...) while sleeping in thijs and beck's graciously-offered guest bedroom with my poor, extremely freaked out cat. they're wonderful people. we swam in their awesome pool and played catch with my underwater torpedo. it was really hard to leave them, especially beck. but, they're going to try to come to houston in the fall. i left at about 11:30pm and drove all night and all day. i stopped to take pictures of some gorgeous texas wildflowers, only to find there were butterflies, too. i'll get those up at some point. got to drive through some crazy hard rain and sit in rush hour traffic. went to dinner (bbq!) with sara and emily before seeing pirates of the caribbean 3 at 10:30. even managed to stay awake somehow. i've spent the last week or so running errands, spending time with friends and family, grilling (hot dogs and corn on memorial day and steaks tonight), and generally enjoying being back in texas, back in "my home country," as kirsten put it. it is nice to be back where things make sense.

emily and i are going to houston this weekend. staying with christi and johnny. looking for apartments for the fall, and christi mentioned some phototreking adventure. should be a good time. i just need to unload the rest of my stuff from my car. and get a new swimsuit that actually fits so we can take advantage of their pool. i'm getting a haircut (finally!) tomorrow. speaking of, i need to get to bed so i'll actually get up for the appointment. goodnight!

oh, one more thing. GO SPURS!!!
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working on my thesis. due in a week. fun fun. but it appears as if the powers that be are actually going to let me graduate. or at least they took my money and forms and gave me a cap, gown, and hood. so, woo! in other news, my neighbor's rosebush has exploded. so naturally, i took some pictures. and then i had to take a few of kepler because he's adorable.

more roses )

giant hand grabbing little kitty!

more kepler )

michelle's experiments didn't work so i'll have the microprobe tomorrow and sunday instead of only sunday. which is good. so i'll write and make brownies in the morning, go to thijs and beck's bbq for awhile, and head up to school to probe into the night. finish up on sunday and write more. softball game. my weekend's all planned out.
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because we have very little, not exactly in the form i need, it's damn expensive, it sucks up iron if that's in your starting composition (of course mine is really iron-rich), and when it sucks up the iron, it becomes really brittle. ugh! stupid platinum! why can't you just behave?! this is going to be a very work-heavy entry, so beware.

met john at school and the two of us searched for two hours for a damn platinum crucible for me to do my furnace experiments in today. we found two that were too big and one that was the right size but looked like it had been through a nuclear blast and was full of holes (= no good for holding liquid). asked everyone we could find. nope, no one has one. and they're crazy expensive. like $1000 each. which i'm sure tom doesn't want to spend but he's at field camp so i can't ask him. finally michelle came down to do some work and it dawned on me that she might have one. and she does. so it might work out, but i might kill it with all the iron and then i'd have to buy her a new one (enter tom and his money again). of course, this was at 4:30, which is way too late to start on everything. and so once again we are pushed back a day. and we added another step so i'm actually pushed back two days. grumble. and i have to have platinum tubing in my assemblies once i start doing runs and apparently whomever we buy from has gone out of business so i have a little piece 3 inches long and that's all there is in the world of asu. which is definitely not enough for a thesis. have to find a new place to buy platinum tubing. in all its expensive glory. yes, i'm griping. do i care? no.

i did get my starting material made, which is nice because i am now done with that whole set of calculations and i don't have to look at them anymore. finally. weighed everything out and got to grind it up. that was a good stress reliever from the grand platinum search of 2006. i ground it in alcohol so it would be homogeneous (and not splash out of the container) and you'd think it would dry quickly, but no. after an hour and a half of waiting, i got impatient and put it in an oven. it's almost dry and it's only been 15 minutes. much better. means i can go home soon.

ooh! and! i tried my hand at electric arc welding! so fun! makes a loud crackling noise and blue sparks and everything! hehe! my new toy. i likey. seem to be decent at it too, which is super since i'll be doing it quite a bit.

i haven't seen todd or kirsten since saturday. maybe i'll see if they want to do something tonight.

it appears i am obsessed with austin todd and sara. of the 22 pictures i have hanging in my office, 10 are either of them or pictures taken when we were out doing something. i can't help it that we take such good pictures together...

tomorrow's busy. physical therapy at 10am. home by noon, shower and food. then up to school. session with adrienne at 2. need to put my nicely mixed (almost dry! couple more minutes!) starting material in the box furnace and crank it up to 1000°C over the course of two hours. let it sit for another hour. regrind it. put it in a glass container till thursday.

so i made mars dust today. started out as mars soup. then to mars pudding. then mars clay. now it's mars dust in a bottle. fun stuff. i'm such a dork.

starting material should be dry. time to pack it up and go home! woo!

EDIT: i was overwhelmed by the smell of rain as i emerged from the basement. got up to the ground floor and it was plenty cloudy and windy but it wasn't raining. no no, we got a crazy duststorm. and i got to walk the 15 minutes to my car in it. the drive home was lovely too. ugh. hope it stops soon. the sky is brown.

hell yes

Jun. 1st, 2006 02:01 am
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oh man, i feel great. actually, i'm exhausted and have a throbbing hip. i just got home from my lab and it's 2am. but, i was so productive and got everything done that i needed to! should be able to have my starting material cooking in the furnace over the weekend. so exciting! that means starting experiments next week! i'd like to have a whole set of experiments done before tom gets back from field camp so he knows i can be injured and still be productive. hell yes. i kick ass. and i'm in a weird mood. combination of elation and exhaustion. makes for fun times. so yeah. don't ask. i don't know.

todd came back today. i picked him up from the airport and we went to ruby tuesdays for lunch. salad bar and a cheeseburger sans the bun. it was so good. need to get some hamburger meat so i can make my own on my george forman grill. woo. took a bunch of pictures to school and put them up in my office. i should take a picture of my office and post it. my office is okay but it's really hot down there (i'd think it would be cooler in the basement but no) so i need to get a fan. and i don't have internet access, which will drive me nuts if i can't get it soon. all about my experiments. ) it was a long ass day but it was very satisfying.

apparently to get a passport you have to know where your parents were born. i was filling out my application this evening so i can take it to the post office tomorrow or friday and i realized i have no clue where my dad was born. so i'll have to ask my mom tomorrow. had to do some photo-shopping on my photo because they want a plain background. before and after. couldn't get rid of all the darker part on the right without way too much effort so i made it into a shadow. it's not as impressive as me making a person disappear and replacing her with landscape, but i think it'll do.

so i have a new addiction. crystal light has come out with a fruit punch flavor. it tastes like koolaid. so good. and south beach-approved. and it's making me drink as much water as i should. so it's good all around. yay!

i learned something new about my cat. if i want him to go completely nuts, don't get him catnip. give him tuna. holy crap. he has been bouncing around all night and i just gave him a little bite like six hours ago! he was trying to wrestle one of my paintbrushes and has been doing laps around the apartment. it's all quite entertaining. i hope he'll chill out and let me sleep though.

tomorrow. let's see. i might make it to the post office. i need to make sara's mp3 cd/dvd and print out the collage i made her still. kinda want to do the passport and sending everything off all in one swoop. so maybe that won't happen till friday. i've got physical therapy at 3:30 i think. and i should fill out my loan application and get the ball rolling on that. todd's sister is coming into town tomorrow and he mentioned seeing 'x-men 3.' woo. okay, falling asleep at the computer. bedtime. hehe, i just told my friend erin i was going to crash and she goes, "i am going to go to bed AFTER you?" i wonder if it's good that i'm so well-known for staying up to all hours of the night. oh well. party on wayne...
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in reading papers in preparation of this morning's meeting with tom, i came across an experimental procedure description that just cracked me up. "experiments were terminated by removing the vessel from the furnace, inverting it and rapping on the hot portion of the vessel with a wrench." awesome. very high-tech method they've got there. beating on it with a wrench. chris suggested i should write the authors and ask what size wrench they used so that i may replicate their procedure in my experiments. hehe

so my thesis project is awesome. it looks like no one's done any kind of high pressure experimentation looking at the effects of water in a martian mantle composition. so cool. got john holloway on board. just need to talk to michelle minitti and see about collaboration with her. i'm so excited!

lots of website work to do this weekend. additions to and then i really need to get started on the website for james. should be fun.

today's pretty full. )

because i keep forgetting, here are most of the superbowl commercials online, almost a week after the game. my favorites are the fedex commercial and the two ameriquest commercials at the bottom of this page (not listed on google videos). good times.

time to go eat woo!

recap: scientists are funny, my thesis project rocks, lots to do, woo superbowl commercials, food time.
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i dreamt about the longhorns' victory last night. very nice. it's a proud day for texas. i love vince young. he's my favorite person today. and my mom is going to get me some ut national championship gear. woo!

rose bowl links:
wallpaper pics from the dallas morning news
videos from keye news in austin
longhorns on the wheaties box -- thanks kristen!
ut longhorn football homepage

my back is feeling some better today. still sore but at least i can move. yay mobility woo!

dave barry's 2005 year in review

got an email from don, my advisor from lpi, about our manuscript and the corrections. looks like it's going along fine and hopefully it won't take too long. and i've got some things to look at now too. weee! fun stuff!

to do today )

going to go grab some lunch and get to work.

recap: hook 'em horns, my back is some better, paper is moving along, lots to do. bye
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weee! todd told me there was an apple store in the chandler mall so i went down there today with my busted ipod and they replaced it! for free! i have a new pod! woohoo! in celebration i am drinking one of those cute little 12oz bottles of REGULAR dr pepper. i am out of control. excellent...

the list of all the college bowl games is posted.

been having a lot of fun the last few days )

tomorrow is my geology of mars final. i studied while waiting for my appt at the apple store, and i'll go over to casa de zack et al. to study with jorge later. and then tomorrow night from 5 till 8 liz and i are holding the review for our students' final, which is on tuesday. john's really nice: he knows i'm not a morning person so rather than me having to be there at 7:30am when their final starts, he said i could show up around 8:30.

this weekend should be fun. the meeting about the student-led instrument is on saturday. jorge is principal investigator and i am project manager so the two of us will also be meeting sunday. i think sarah and i are going to try to see pride and prejudice this weekend. and i'll start on my shopping. i got my brother one of his presents today. i don't even know what to get most of the people i'm buying something for. guess i'll figure out something.

to do this weekend/next week )

time to go clean kep's litterbox, register for classes, put songs on my new pod, and study for mars. woo.

recap: i finally have a new pod, yay football, been having lots of fun, tomorrow is the mars final, lots to do, time to get at it. weee...
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my planetary geology project turned out well i think. i made an awesome couple of maps. first i took 378 individual themis nighttime infrared images and made a mosaic. then i made a giant compilation map with a mars orbital laser altimeter (mola) shaded relief map for the bottom layer, a mars orbital camera (moc) image to show differences in brightness of the surface on top of that, my themis mosaic next to show surface texture (fine grained material or rock) next, and then i made colored, shaded areas to represent different geologic units i defined on the map. the volcano i was studying is in the middle of the yellow unit in the middle of the map. the compilation map took me forever and i'm really proud of it. of course, i had to be the first to make the oral presentation and i didn't feel as prepared as i should have been, but i hear it went okay and it was right at 10 minutes, like ron wanted, so hopefully it was fine. i guess we'll see when i get my grade.

gave my students their review last night. we ordered pizza and mostly had a good time. one student in particular really bugs me because he doesn't ever have any questions of his own, because that would take effort and he can't have that. instead, he just sits there and listens to everyone else's questions so he can get answers without having to do any work. i'm so glad i won't have to deal with him after this semester. i've had problems with him since last semester in mineralogy.

john said i didn't have to be there this morning since they were just taking their tests so i stayed up late last night writing up all the faculty seminar papers i had been missing and planned on sleeping late. kepler didn't think that was a good plan so he was boinging around my room and pulling things off my dresser and chasing things around all morning so i'm still tired. i've also had a headache for two days. don't know what the deal is. i'm not dehydrated or decaffinated and i've been eating fine so my blood sugar isn't low. argh. abby gave me some tylenol so hopefully it'll go away soon.

i've got a meeting with john and liz (hopefully to discuss our students' final) at 3. then i'm skipping colloquium because i don't really care about "microbes and the biogeochemistry of arsenic" and heading over to petco to get kepler some food. then to target to get myself a new hat. don't know where mine is and it's kinda cold in the mornings and when it's dark when i leave school.

sarah comes back from missouri today. her flight gets in at 5:30 and then i imagine we'll go eat or walk around or see a movie or something. or maybe she'll just be tired and want to go chill at her house by herself. who knows. i'm glad she'll be back. i've missed her.

turns out chris doesn't have my box of christmas decorations so that means it's in austin at my parents' house. damnit. guess i'll have to go buy some ornaments for my poor naked tree. sigh.

yay football is tomorrow. thursday football (sadly) is the best part of my week. i need to remember my sweatshirt since it decided to go ahead and get all cold outside.

to do this week/weekend )

to do next week/weekend )

finals schedule )

okay, going to read a paper for geology of mars before my meeting with john.

recap: planetary geology project turned out well, i have a headache, sarah comes back today, football tomorrow yay, lots and lots to do, almost done with school, time for work. weee...
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thanksgiving was interesting. had a good time at todd's. my pie and potatoes were a huge hit. todd doesn't even like chocolate pie and he wanted to me to make one weekly and bring it to geology of mars. hehe. going to eat myself some leftovers in a few minutes. yum. we watched the cowyboys play, and it was a good game, but they decided to miss a 34-yard field goal so they ended up losing in overtime. bummer. we played foosball, which was great fun. had some not so great conversations with a couple members of my family. really not looking forward to having to deal with hostility over christmas. i won't be staying at my house if i'm not welcome.

i guess this year i am most thankful for my friends. don't think i could have made it through this semester with something resembling sanity without them. they're all wonderful people and i love them very much.

i'd like to take this opportunity to say that i love my cousin erin. she's one of my favorite people on the planet.

wish some of my football-watching friends were in town so we could watch this ut/a&m game together. instead i am watching with kepler. ut is not doing so well. they should be slaughtering a&m and it's 15-14 a&m in the 2nd quarter. this is crap. we are NOT going to lose this game damnit. they aren't even ranked and ut is #2 in the freaking country! come on longhorns, get your game going!

so, this weekend:
-grade papers
-finish nighttime ir themis mosaic
-finish visible themis mosaic
-write up planetary geology paper
-make powerpoint presentation
-clean my kitchen
-clean kep's litterbox

for now, i think i will get some leftovers.
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i'm clean now. it's about the time of year where i start showering at night because it's too cold to walk to class in the morning with wet hair and i refuse to take the time and effort to dry it.

lots to do tomorrow:
10:00 - print off stuff for dr appt
10:45 - dr appt
11:30 - rest of geology of mars (didn't happen; was at dr till 12:10)
12:00 - food!
13:00 - call freaking apple people about my ipod AGAIN
13:45 - work on planetary geology maps
16:30 - football!
after - go to target
after - go to sarah's, water plants, get mail
after - go grocery shopping for thanksgiving food
after - get my cousin erin's present and card together
after - work on planetary geology maps

then wednesday:
8:40 - ta petrology (the only freaking class i will attend on wed, and it has to be at 8:40 in the morning, sigh)
10:00 - leave school, go to post office, mail sarah's mail and erin's present
11:00 - go to bank, deposit $ in chris' account
12:00 - food!
13:00 - make chocolate pie for thanksgiving/work on planetary geology maps
17:00 - meet james at borders at 101 and scottsdale rd
19:00 - stargazing event begins yay!
later - go home and sleep!

weee. never a dull moment. at least i won't be bored. i wouldn't have it any other way. i'm so happy i get to help out at the stargazing event. i love teaching people about the stars and everything else that's up there. it's going to be cold. need to dig out my scarf and hat. wonder what happened to my gloves. hmm.

the good news is that both the cowboys game on thanksgiving day and the ut/tx a&m game on friday are on tv in tempe. at least i can watch my teams play.

also, i've been invited to the hollywood premier of king kong. james' girlfriend mary is on the production team. she also worked on lord of the rings. it would be awesome to go and i could stay with britney but i don't think i'll be able to come up with the funds to actually get out to la and back. also, the premier is on dec 14 and i've got finals on the 13th. and laurie leshin is coming in for paul niles' phd graduation and it would be really nice to see both of them. i don't know. i guess i'll just see what happens. maybe an opportunity will present itself. or maybe not. who knows.

i'm disappointed in the geology faculty of austin community college. my brother is taking a class there and his instructor led a trip into the texas hill country, where i'll be going over christmas for a day. he didn't take them to enchanted rock, or even mention it (or my brother wasn't listening, which is a distinct possibility), and he did not tell them anything about llanite, a rhyolite you can only get in llano, texas. or the austin chalk, which is the same unit as the white cliffs of dover. he apparently showed them the outside of longhorn caverns but didn't take them in the freaking cave. SIGH. this guy sucks. it makes me sad that he didn't show them the really cool stuff that's out there.

enough of my rant for this evening. tired. bedtime. perhaps. i'm a little wound up. i think some south park may be what i need.

recap: yay hygiene woo, it's cold outside, much to do in the next couple days, i get to play football tomorrow, stargazing is awesome, get to see my teams play at thanksgiving, might be going to king kong hollywood premier, acc geofaculty sucks, time for south park. 'night all.
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weee yay lack of sleep. stayed up really late doing my planetary geology mapping project. didn't even go to the batting cages with erin because her cousin came into town. we may go tomorrow afternoon.

so much is going on today. need to make sure i keep it all straight. sometime in there i need to finish my part of the presentation.

10:40 - geology of mars
12:00 - meet with mars people to discuss activity for presentation
13:10 - maybe go to ariel's mars mineralogy talk (not going to happen)
14:00 - meet with liz to go over presentation
16:00 - physics colloquium (didn't happen)
17:15 - geo/astrograd football!!
after - go home, practice presentation and get some freaking sleep

mars class time. weeee
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so i apparently missed something and it is now christmas. how the grinch stole christmas was on tv tonight. craziness. someone should inform the tv networks that it is in fact, the middle of november. merry thanksgivoween, everyone.

i've determined that batting cages are good for the soul. good stress reliever. and some guys complimented me on my hitting. that was nice too. i am sweaty and starting to get sore. i should stretch. but i feel good because i wasn't just sitting around all evening.

my house is clean except for my room and i need to vacuum. makes me happy. now it's time to get going on grading. then maybe i'll paint. i told kristen i'd paint her something. don't know if i'll have time this weekend though. depends on how long grading takes.

  • vacuum
  • clean my room
  • start powerpoint presentation for 5th graders
  • work on planetary geology term project
  • maybe more batting cages :)
i'm really happy we don't have anything to write up for faculty seminar this week. it's just a pain to do, and i tend to forget about or put off until the day it's due, and then i have to scramble to get it done. none of that this week. just a mars mapping homework assignment for planetary geology, getting the elementary school presentation ready, and mailing off a bunch of things to a several different people. woo.

my cat is curled up on the couch next to me asleep hugging his head with his paws. so cute.

back to work for me

summary: it's apparently christmas, batting cages are awesome, lots to do, and my cat is cute. the end.


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