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EDIT: the server hosting my website appears to be down. i've sent them email so hopefully it'll be back up soon.

EDIT2: okay, it's back up now.
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feeling energetic even though i didn't go to bed till 5am again. and i've been all kinds of productive today.

finished my lpsc abstract and sent it off to ron greeley and tom sharp for review. ron said it looks great; still waiting on tom. tom was happy when i told him amy and i reserved our room at the conference center back in novmeber. they fill up really quickly and it's a major hassle if you don't stay there and have to arrange travel to and from your hotel room. ron and i might turn this into a little side project if i've got time, maybe over the summer. could be fun. i have enjoyed the project so far. would be cool to turn it into a real paper. went shopping and got some stuff from target. got some racquetballs and bounced one around my kitchen with my racquet for awhile. wish my back was better so i could go play! and then i got a planner from office max as it appears to be 2006 now and my old planner doesn't quite work anymore. did dishes and cleaned up my desk so i can actually see it now.

cruise! )

so i'm not going to ta mineralogy this time. i'll be ta-ing colloquium instead, which will be nice because it's much less of a time constraint and i'll be able to get more research done. and i won't have the giant mineralogy lab block to worry about when scheduling things. so yay for having the coolest advisor who gets me an awesome ta job and makes sure i've got time for research. he's awesome. i need to go by chili's and get his gift card i'm giving him for watching my cat. he really got me out of a bind.

apple soda. yum.

jorge comes back tomorrow i think, and we'll be hitting this instrument proposal thing pretty hard. it's so cool. can't wait till everyone gets back from guatemala/elsewhere and school starts so we can really get going.

need to go by walgreens and unpack some more. wonder if sarah and i are going out tonight, or if i should cook this ham i bought. hmmm... or todd and i could go see pride and prejudice. so many choices.

summary: been productive, lpsc abstract is done, yay cruise woo, ta-ing colloquium instead of mineralogy, my advisor rocks, i love apple soda, instrument stuff is going to start up again soon yay, time to go. bye
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weee! todd told me there was an apple store in the chandler mall so i went down there today with my busted ipod and they replaced it! for free! i have a new pod! woohoo! in celebration i am drinking one of those cute little 12oz bottles of REGULAR dr pepper. i am out of control. excellent...

the list of all the college bowl games is posted.

been having a lot of fun the last few days )

tomorrow is my geology of mars final. i studied while waiting for my appt at the apple store, and i'll go over to casa de zack et al. to study with jorge later. and then tomorrow night from 5 till 8 liz and i are holding the review for our students' final, which is on tuesday. john's really nice: he knows i'm not a morning person so rather than me having to be there at 7:30am when their final starts, he said i could show up around 8:30.

this weekend should be fun. the meeting about the student-led instrument is on saturday. jorge is principal investigator and i am project manager so the two of us will also be meeting sunday. i think sarah and i are going to try to see pride and prejudice this weekend. and i'll start on my shopping. i got my brother one of his presents today. i don't even know what to get most of the people i'm buying something for. guess i'll figure out something.

to do this weekend/next week )

time to go clean kep's litterbox, register for classes, put songs on my new pod, and study for mars. woo.

recap: i finally have a new pod, yay football, been having lots of fun, tomorrow is the mars final, lots to do, time to get at it. weee...


Dec. 2nd, 2005 09:46 am
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yay! todd's back at his mom's house outside of san antonio! his mom's already annoying him but he says he's really happy to be back. yay!! i'm so glad he's home now. can't wait to see him over christmas.

football yesterday was fun though i'm pretty worn out now. ended up emailing back and forth with jorge till 2am or some such nonesense. wrote in my paper journal quite a bit last night. i hadn't written in it since i was in los angeles for mepag. a few things have changed and quite a few things have happened and i wanted to get it all down before i forgot any details. still didn't get everything in there i wanted to but i wrote for two and a half hours solid and my hand was cramping up so i went to bed. maybe i'll finish today.

it seems that i may have a chance to be involved in a student-led instrument on either a mars scout mission or a mission to europa or titan. that would be awesome. it would be instant publications because we'd get the data first. and it would help whoever is leading said mission (probably ron greeley) because education/public outreach is a big part of the proposal and having a student-led instrument would be very attractive to reviewers. and how cool would it be to be on an instrument team on a mission being put together while i'm still in college?! i'm excited. we've been emailing people we think might be interested and are having a brain-storming session next saturday. weee!

i'm going to this school of earth and space exploration brown-bag thing at 11. should be interesting. and then i'm attending a masters thesis defense entitled, "spirit's traverse to the columbia hills: systematic variations in clast morphology of pebble to cobble sized clasts, with implications for geological processes and history." and then discussing how we attacked our project for team x last semester with jorge. then i will be busting my ass tonight and this weekend getting my geology of mars project done. woo.

time to go get ready to go.

recap: todd's back!!! i'm tired, got some journal-writing in, might get to be on a team for a student-led instrument, lots of fun stuff today, much work to be done. bye.


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