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lisa sent me some pictures of emily and me from her wedding, and they turned out really cute. we're going to order some prints for the new apartment :)

go jacks!
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i was a bridesmaid in lisa's wedding in mid-july. here are my favorite pictures.

there was a hispanic jehovah's witness convention in the hotel where the reception was held

all of our pedicured toes

emily loved the bed and million pillows in our hotel room

lisa having fun during the rehearsal dinner

emily and i after the rehearsal dinner

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my computer broke. into pieces. so i took this opportunity to get myself a nice shiny new macbook pro. i'm loving it for the most part. i'm having to get used to a mac again, but it's faster with a bigger hard drive and some fun programs, so it's not all bad.

lisa's wedding went just about perfectly. except for the shoes. the godawful painful shoes from hell. that were also slightly big so the right one kept trying to fall off both times i was walking down the aisle. everyone i talked to said they didn't know until i told them, so i guess i played it off alright. ben was so sweet and almost started crying when he saw lisa come down the aisle and when he was saying his vows. we had fun at the reception and the guitar hero afterparty. and the next day i got on a plane to canada.

vancouver was gorgeous. my poster went well. i had a few people come by and the discussions we had will help me write my paper, so that's always good. i heard some interesting talks that i can use for my proposals, and listened to an experimental petrologist that just started at rice that i haven't met yet. his stuff actually matches with some things i'm interested in so i will probably be utilizing him and his brand new lab soon. besides the conference, we went to the capilano suspension bridge, which was awesome. giant trees everywhere, and we were right up in them. we also hiked down a crazy steep hill (and back up) to watch the sunset from the nude beach a couple of times. i had a good time. i can't wait to go back with em so we can spend time doing more fun stuff without worrying about a conference.

and now i'm back and pretty much have the rest of the summer to write my paper and come up with proposal ideas. i've got most of the figures done, and figure captions, and i'm putting together the tables. then the text. weee...

brian finally got gallery working on my website, so that's where the vancouver pictures are. i'm excited.
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the bridesmaid dresses for lisa's wedding came in yesterday so beth and i went to see how they looked. hilarity ensued as i really do not walk in heels often enough (especially the really high ones i had on as they were the first ones i grabbed out of my closet) to not look retarded while doing so, and the fact that the dress was a few inches too long didn't help either. and it was friday and we were silly. here are all the pictures. my favorites are below.



beth and me


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my roommate from undergrad, lisa, came over yesterday. she had mentioned that a friend of hers was going to take some pictures of her ring for her save-the-date cards but she'd been having trouble getting in touch with him. me offering to take a few pictures of her ring ended up with me bringing out my diy macro studio and using a 200-watt bulb in a desk lamp on the outside of the box and two small maglite flashlights (held by emily and lisa) pointing at the ring and/or background because i'm poor and have no flashes. we grabbed whatever was in easy reach that looked like it might turn out good pictures. she's going to show them to her fiancee and they might use one of these or get some fresh flowers she'll have in her bouquet and have me take more, or use the original guy. at any rate, here are all of them, and below are some of my favorites. if i have a chance to take more, i'll shoot some outside so i can get sunlight sparkling off the ring without the shadow of my window screen.

dried roses




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