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Em got us new iPhone 4s this week! I love this phone. It's so fast and the screen is gorgeous. And the camera! So much nicer than the one in my old one. Below are a few pics I've taken with it so far. I'm particularly fond of the one of Em. She would have just been a big black blob against the sky if I had taken that with my old phone. Woot.

sunset outside of LPI when I was leaving work

Em :) [her shirt says, "Never wish upon a ninja star." Awesome.]

Apollo on his favorite spot, a giant stuffed dog Em sent me when she was living in Minnesota

sunset from my apartment

my new watch!

Apollo in a box

it's friday

Oct. 2nd, 2009 03:25 pm
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i'm ready to go. em's headed this way in an hour or so, and we're going to go have giant salads from barnaby's for dinner. mmmmm.

this weekend...
some work, some applications, some football-watching. my canadian friend sam is in town and she'll be leaving sunday, so i think she's going to come down to my apartment on saturday to meet the cats and get some pictures taken. probably a meal will be involved. i'll have to figure out where to take a vegetarian in clear lake.

photographer chase jarvis has created a new iphone app for editing photos and a web community where you can upload them. i've got a link to my photography site on my page, so hopefully i'll get some traffic that way.

these are some of my recent favorites:

thunderstorm coming in

spotlight at the britney spears concert

downtown houston

blink 182/fallout boy/all-american rejects concert

mushrooms in the grass at rice

we got a little grill for the patio, and i've been doing a lot of grilling. steaks, corn on the cob, bread. good stuff. i'll be branching out into different meats soon. also, i've discovered pomegranate lemonade. it's tasty and a fun shade of neon pink.

a couple other random things. my friend morgan and i were chatting in the student center and sat down at a table. there was a box on it and we figured they were party napkins or something. we opened the box, and inside was a giant blue gemstone. probably leaded glass. very heavy. very blue. very random. unfortunately, neither of us carries an electron microprobe or mass spectrometer with us, and taking it would technically be classified as stealing, so we don't know what it was.

and then on 09/09/09 there was a double rainbow when i was driving to school. it was pretty. i took a picture with my phone while driving, which came out okay. it's too bad i didn't have my nice camera with me.

lastly, i went to my first rice football game last saturday with my canadian friend sam, her canadian friend sarah, emily, and our neighbor liz. we lost but it was a good time. the band was so tiny though! and they had electric guitars, a cello, and a ton of violins. strangest thing. here's a panorama i took with my phone. sam and sarah are on the left, and em and liz are on the right.

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it is gorgeous outside. i'm currently working out on the patio at panera enjoying the perfect temperature, abundant sunshine, and low humidity. all this week it's been super humid and foggy in the morning (see photo from yesterday morning on my way into school below, others at facebook. please note: i didn't convert these to black and white -- it was just so damn cloudy that it sucked all the color out of the world.), but this morning it wasn't quite as humid and it's pretty much all burned off as the day has progressed. and i am loving it.

emily got a new job! she's going to be a jr imaging geophysicist for cgg veritas, and oil company here in houston. she's going to be earning twice as much, getting a ton of awesome benefits (3 weeks paid vacation per year, health, life, and dental insurance to name a few), and is actually going to be using her degrees and working with smart people! and, there is a lot of opportunity for advancement. she is so excited, and i'm happy for her. her current job has been making her miserable. the people there are complete idiots, they treat her terribly, don't pay her what she's worth, and there are no benefits. she put in her notice today. it's great. she's been so smiley for the last few days, which makes me smiley, too, so it's all good.

i got a couple new photo apps for my iphone, one of which lets me color part of a picture while leaving the rest b&w, and i've been having fun with it. i haven't really been taking my real camera with me lately, so all i've got from anything that has happened in the last few weeks is iphone photos. but they're turning out decently so it's okay.

i've been studying a lot for orals. kepler's been helping (see below). i need to talk to cin-ty this week to find out when they're going to be. they were originally going to be end of april-beginning of may, but now we may push them back to sometime in the summer so i have more time to prepare. we have two visiting scientists from france here right now that were here last year. we get along really well. i'm going to have a chat with them, probably the week after next, and bounce around some ideas with them. it's good to have a fresh perspective on things, and one of them always comes up with crazy random ideas that sometimes lead to interesting research, so i'm looking forward to talking with them.

lpsc is this coming week. i'm only going for a couple of the days. just don't have time. i'll go monday afternoon to see my co-advisor's talk, tuesday afternoon to one session, then i'm skipping wednesday but staying with my friends wednesday night because thursday morning at 9 i have to give my advisor's talk because he'll be teaching and i live an hour and a half - two hours away. i'll probably stay all day thursday because there's a poster session in the evening i want to go to, and then i'll go all day friday. but i'll have monday and tuesday mornings, and all day wednesday to work. then the next week, i have monday and tuesday, and then the california field trip is wednesday - sunday. ugh. it'll be a good trip. i got awesome pictures last year, some of my favorites i've ever taken. but, i'll be driving and/or exhausted the whole time, so that doesn't leave much time for me to do any work. then the day after i get back, em starts her new job. three weeks later school is done. yikes. i can use the bulk of my second proposal for my term project in my advanced petrology class, but it's not done yet. that'll be this weekend's fun.

args, my battery's about to die. have to head inside and plug in. i want to stay out here. whine. em's going to meet me at county line later for dinner (mmm bbq) so maybe we'll eat outside.


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