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so i'm finally starting to settle into my job and get a routine down, and as such i found time to start editing my pictures from the christmas trip. on new year's eve, we went to see emily's friend wally's band, screaming sunday, play. they were awesome! here are some of my favorite pictures.






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Dec. 1st, 2009 01:43 pm
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winter has come to texas! it's cold, windy, and raining. pretty much completely nasty out. i unfortunately have to be out in it this week to do perform my ta duties at school. office hours today and thursday, class in the morning yesterday, tomorrow, and friday, and a review session for their last exam tomorrow evening. and then i'm done!

i turned in my form saying i passed my defense yesterday. i'm going to go buy fancy paper tonight so i can print out the required two copies, get the signatures on the front, and turn it in before friday. exciting!

emily and i went to the breaking benjamin concert last night. it was a good time. there were some very intoxicated people in front of us so they were entertaining to watch. here are a few pictures i took with my iphone:

also, ghirardelli hot chocolate is awesome. i'm enjoying mine immensely.
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i actually got my paper that's due tomorrow in geology of mars done by 9pm the day before it was due. i'm proud of myself. i got some pretty cool results too, one that i wasn't expecting at all. maybe i can get some sleep tonight. was anxious about something (who knows, take your pick) last night and didn't sleep hardly at all.

todd, sara, and i are going to go see the trans-siberian orchestra. i'm so excited. i've been wanting to see them in concert for years. i'm trying really hard to fill up christmas with a bunch of stuff that i'll enjoy so the overwhelming crappiness of it all won't be so overwhelming. we'll see if it works. todd got a new 2006 honda civic and is going to teach me to drive a standard on it. should be fun. zack will be in austin (dripping springs really) over christmas so we're going to hook up with him at some point. maybe spend new year's eve with him at his parents' ranch. apparently they do a big bonfire thing. we'll see what sara and todd want to do.

last night i made chili for zack, sara, and jorge. it turned out pretty well. i put both hamburger and stew meat in it, but i cooked the stew meat too fast so it was a little tough. other than that it was good. i made a ton of it and it was all gone except for one bowl-full, which i had for lunch. yum. we ate almost an entire pan of brownies too.

had my last pchem class before the final today! hallelujah! i am so glad to be done with that class. ugh. no more monotonous professor! yay!

tomorrow a bunch of the geo/astro/chem grads are going to oregano's for italian food and celebration of the end of classes. anyone who wants to come is welcome. we're probably going around 5:30-6ish. and then wednesday i am sleeping until i damn well feel like getting up. i think wednesday afternoon i may require some batting cages. and jorge and i are supposed to talk about this mission we're proposing an instrument for, maybe wed afternoon. it's awesome. jorge is the principal investigator and i'm the project manager. we're proposing a radiation detector to explore the radiation environment of the martian atmosphere, which will help in determining if mars is safe enough for human exploration. it will fly on ares, a mars airplane being proposed for a mars scout ($300million) mission. so cool.

cate comes back from hawaii tomorrow so we can figure out when we're going to the hill country. from that i can plan the rest of the travels (houston, nac, longview?) i'll be doing over christmas. i'm looking forward to going and beating the crap out of some rocks. and teaching her about what's there will be fun too. i need to remember to bring her a piece of san carlos olivine.

i'm going to go watch simpsons and relax some before bed. last planetary geology class is tomorrow, then i turn in my paper for geology of mars, and then i'm DONE. i forsee some quality time with my couch, tv, books, and journal tomorrow afternoon. woohoo!

summary: my geology of mars paper is done and i'm happy with it, need some sleep, going to try to fill up christmas with fun stuff, todd got a new car, i made chili, no more pchem woo, gotta figure out christmas plans, time to go veg before bed. bye.


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