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i got an email from my british roommate when i was at nasa, sarah. she said she ran into brittany from asu at a volcanology conference in tenerife. craziness! my ex-roommate runs into another asu geology student half a world away. it's a small world indeed.

so the new horizons mission launch is postponed to tomorrow (hopefully). bummer. it's insane. this rocket is going to go so fast. it'll reach the moon in 9 hours (apollo missions took 3 days) and jupiter in a year. 10 years total to pluto. am i the only one that finds it funny that the mission to pluto is using plutonium for power?

Happiness is Heather-Shaped. also, This Is The Age Of The Heather. get these and other fun slogans from the advertising slogan generator.

todd came over for dinner tonight. mesquite lime chicken. damn good stuff. i'm full. it's great. we watched the polar express because todd hadn't seen it and kirsten came and joined us. good times.

i'm sore today. batting cages on sunday afternoon and then racquetball with jorge for an hour and a half yesterday. it's good though. means i was doing something, not just sitting around on my ass. the soreness will go away soon and i'll be stronger. todd and i are playing racquetball tomorrow. i can't wait. great fun.

classes are going well, as they've mostly been canceled for the next two weeks. no advanced mars till a week from thursday. no habitable worlds until the 31st. mars is going to be fun -- it'll be a discussion class where we argue controversial issues in mars science. habitable worlds will be great too because ariel feels comfortable enough with me now to banter back and forth with me. and since i'm auditing, i will be the impartial reviewer of all of the team proposals, rather than being a part of a team. it'll be a lot of fun. geochem starts tomorrow yay! i can't wait. this semester rocks.

finished up 'the planets' by dava sobel. eh. it was okay. there were some interesting points but most of it wasn't new information. i was talking to amy about this and she said:
[02:14] amy: the general public would see a lot of stuff as new info that we hear about everyday
[02:14] amy: isn't our job awesome?
she's so right. our job is the coolest. and i've started reading sobel's 'longitude' now. it's really interesting and about navigation. i'm trying to get through it before i go hear her talk on the 23rd. going to go read some before bed now.

summary: it's a small world, new horizons will hopefully launch tomorrow, had a good evening, yay racquetball, i'm sore, this semester is awesome, time to go read. 'night all.
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i had the best day. kristen called and woke me up shortly before 11am, which was good as ut was playing colorado in the big 12 championship game starting at 11. ut kicked some major ass. it was 42-3 going into halftime. that included 23 seconds in which we scored 14 points. three plays: ut touchdown, ut interception, ut touchdown. incredible. then zack called and we decided to go to chili's to watch the rest of the game. it turned into a major ordeal getting there because of an art fair taking up all the streets of downtown tempe, but we got to see the 4th quarter, up until the usc/ucla game started. ut won 70-3 and are now the big 12 champions. it was awesome. the next game they play will be against usc in the rose bowl. trojans are going down! hook 'em horns!

zack and i were walking back to my house and we passed a yard sale and they were selling a pretty decent propane grill for $25. so we walked to my apt and got my car and went back and i bought it. we had an interesting time getting it into my car and zack had to sit in the back and hang onto it while i drove with the back open. good times. hehe i bought a grill. so exciting. been wanting one for awhile.

then zack and i sat at my house grading papers for awhile and i got all mine done except for one student who just emailed me his an hour ago. sarah called and said she had a surprise and was going to abduct zack and me for awhile. the surprise was a place in guadalupe that advertised 'texas bbq' but they were closed by the time we got there. she was hungry so we walked back downtown and over to island's so she could get a burger. then over to margarita rocks for a bit to say hi to everyone. then to border's (yay books woo) and finally over to the movie theater where we saw aeon flux. it was actually pretty decent. much better than i was expecting. after the movie, zack, sarah, and i came back to my house and watched some squirrel songs and foamy's rants online and twister on tv. they just left so i'll head off to bed in a few.

tomorrow will be busy working on my geology of mars project. i'm glad i finished grading today so i can concentrate on my project and not worry about anything else. zack and sarah are coming over tomorrow evening and we're going to make chili, so i'll have to go to the store tomorrow sometime to get meat. yum. maybe i'll make brownies too.

last night was good. i gathered all my data for my mars project, pretty much got the introduction done, and finished my references list. decided i was hungry and would call todd when i went to go get food. that turned into me driving around talking to him for two hours before i actually got some taco bell (all that was open by then). it was so nice to talk to him. i haven't seen him since february and hadn't talked to him since he called me on the 4th of july. i'd really missed talking to him. can't wait to see him. he's wonderful. yay todd.

i need to be productive tomorrow so i'm going to sleep now.

recap: longhorns are awesome, had lots of fun with zack and sarah today, i bought a grill, got my papers graded, need to work on my project tomorrow, had a good night last night, i love todd, going to bed. woo. 'night all.
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jcb by nizlopi music video. the five-year-old in me likes it.

hung out with sarah tonight. stayed at her house for awhile and then we walked around mill ave. got some more hand soap from bath and body works and ate pizza at slices. wandered around borders for a bit. thought about seeing a movie because pride and prejudice is playing at the valley art theater but they didn't have another one starting till tomorrow so we decided to wander some more. and we drove around in her mini cooper for awhile. she missed her car. and we talked and talked. it was a really good time. i'm so glad she's back.

time for bed since i need to get up in 7 hours. hopefully kep will let me sleep tonight. so happy my planetary geology presentation is over with so all i have to do is show up. and i can wear whatever i want and be comfortable. woo. 'night all.
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my planetary geology project turned out well i think. i made an awesome couple of maps. first i took 378 individual themis nighttime infrared images and made a mosaic. then i made a giant compilation map with a mars orbital laser altimeter (mola) shaded relief map for the bottom layer, a mars orbital camera (moc) image to show differences in brightness of the surface on top of that, my themis mosaic next to show surface texture (fine grained material or rock) next, and then i made colored, shaded areas to represent different geologic units i defined on the map. the volcano i was studying is in the middle of the yellow unit in the middle of the map. the compilation map took me forever and i'm really proud of it. of course, i had to be the first to make the oral presentation and i didn't feel as prepared as i should have been, but i hear it went okay and it was right at 10 minutes, like ron wanted, so hopefully it was fine. i guess we'll see when i get my grade.

gave my students their review last night. we ordered pizza and mostly had a good time. one student in particular really bugs me because he doesn't ever have any questions of his own, because that would take effort and he can't have that. instead, he just sits there and listens to everyone else's questions so he can get answers without having to do any work. i'm so glad i won't have to deal with him after this semester. i've had problems with him since last semester in mineralogy.

john said i didn't have to be there this morning since they were just taking their tests so i stayed up late last night writing up all the faculty seminar papers i had been missing and planned on sleeping late. kepler didn't think that was a good plan so he was boinging around my room and pulling things off my dresser and chasing things around all morning so i'm still tired. i've also had a headache for two days. don't know what the deal is. i'm not dehydrated or decaffinated and i've been eating fine so my blood sugar isn't low. argh. abby gave me some tylenol so hopefully it'll go away soon.

i've got a meeting with john and liz (hopefully to discuss our students' final) at 3. then i'm skipping colloquium because i don't really care about "microbes and the biogeochemistry of arsenic" and heading over to petco to get kepler some food. then to target to get myself a new hat. don't know where mine is and it's kinda cold in the mornings and when it's dark when i leave school.

sarah comes back from missouri today. her flight gets in at 5:30 and then i imagine we'll go eat or walk around or see a movie or something. or maybe she'll just be tired and want to go chill at her house by herself. who knows. i'm glad she'll be back. i've missed her.

turns out chris doesn't have my box of christmas decorations so that means it's in austin at my parents' house. damnit. guess i'll have to go buy some ornaments for my poor naked tree. sigh.

yay football is tomorrow. thursday football (sadly) is the best part of my week. i need to remember my sweatshirt since it decided to go ahead and get all cold outside.

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okay, going to read a paper for geology of mars before my meeting with john.

recap: planetary geology project turned out well, i have a headache, sarah comes back today, football tomorrow yay, lots and lots to do, almost done with school, time for work. weee...


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