Sep. 8th, 2009 03:12 pm
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apollo woke me up this morning by purring and licking my nose. he's adorable.


Aug. 20th, 2009 12:28 pm
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apollo is getting bigger! he's still much smaller than tater tot and kepler, but he's definitely growing!





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apollo went to the vet today and they think something is wrong with his hip, and there is atrophy of the muscle in his leg. so, they gave him some pain meds and something to lubricate the joint. he gets xrays tomorrow morning so hopefully we'll know more tomorrow afternoon. poor little guy was very brave during the shot into his fat, but cried during the shots into his muscle. he got some treats when he got home and then napped this afternoon with tater tot, so he seems to be okay.

iphone photos

under the bookcase in my office (3.5 inches tall). other than his ears he has an inch or more of clearance

apollo and tater taking a nap


May. 17th, 2009 09:13 pm
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em and i adopted a tiny kitten yesterday! his name is apollo and he has a gimpy leg. he was in a trap for stray cats and one of his legs got caught so it didn't develop like his other legs. he limps when he walks, but he can still run and jump and play just like he would if he had four good legs. he's gray with black stripes and a white spot on his throat. his eyes are amber and he is so small! and, he's the sweetest little guy. if we touch him he immediately starts purring like a motorboat. he's a big cuddler and likes to sleep in our laps or right between us on the couch. we have a soft blanket that has become his favorite place to hang out. he thinks he's huge and will chase tater and kepler around and attack them randomly. kepler is not impressed and doesn't stand for his shenanigans, but tater is afraid of him (even though he seriously outweighs him -- tater is 12ish lbs and we got apollo on our digital scale yesterday and he is 2.6 lbs.) so apollo chases him around, and then bites his ankles when he catches him. he's small enough to walk under tater if they're both standing up. it's hilarious. i tried taking some pictures of him in my diy small studio box, but he wanted to play. so, i put kep in the box and got a couple of pictures before apollo started attacking the box from the outside trying to get to kepler.

apollo resting his head on the base of my desk chair



apollo trying to attack kep in the box

apollo watching tv with emily (iphone photo)

he's been sneezing a bit so when i take him in to the vet to check his leg this week, i'll have him checked out to see if he has a cold or something. though, his tiny kitty sneezes are quite cute. he's a happy little kitten and we love him to pieces already. best. impulse buy. ever.


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