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woo! i got ALL my cruise pictures online!

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june 23 - flying to houston; eating tex-mex and a chocolate carmel junior banana split from sonic with christi
june 24 - hanging out with christi
june 25 - hanging out with christi; having dinner with lisa
june 26 - having lunch with christi, todd, and sara; going down to galveston and get on the ship
june 26-july 1 - western caribbean cruise!
july 1 - driving to austin with sara
july 2,3 - seeing tim & dana and/or scott and/or emily and/or erin and/or sara and todd
july 4 - going to my family's dock with sara, todd, my parents, brother, grandma, great aunt ginny, and cousin mark in the morning/early afternoon. eating county line bbq for lunch that we'll pick up with the boat. swimming and tubing and silly pictures woohoo! later going over to tim and dana's for more bbq. heading out to watch fireworks over the lake when it gets dark. awesome. my favorite holiday
july 5 - dentist appt at 1:50; hang out with terri and renew my cpr cert; see scott and/or emily and/or erin and/or sara and todd
july 6 - go to new braunfels! see people on mom's side of the family. go to the rock shop and eat a lot and go swimming in the comal river. todd's never been (usually only sara goes) so it'll be even more fun this year
july 7 - midnight opening show of 'pirates of the caribbean 2' woo!
july 8 - seeing scott and/or emily and/or erin and/or sara and todd
july 9 - seeing scott and/or emily and/or erin and/or sara and todd; flying back to tempe at 7:30pm

it's going to be so much fun. i can't wait! six more days woo!
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i submitted it at 4:59 cst when it was due at 5, but i got it in. and phil christensen (mars god) is second author. so cool. abstract can be read and admired by all here (pdf file). whew. i can breathe now. amy apparently was feeling the same way:
[16:16] amy: I have decided that grad school definitely takes at least 10 years off your life
[16:16] heather: haha
[16:16] heather: me too
[16:16] heather: i even told kepler (yes i talk to my cat, what of it), "no wonder people in this business get ulcers."

todd and i saw pride and prejudice last night. it was decent. my favorite line was when elizabeth accepted mr darcy's request for a dance and she couldn't believe she actually said yes. "it would be most inconvenient since i swore to loathe him for all eternity." hehe. excellent.

jorge comes back tomorrow and i'm picking him up from the airport and he's buying me dinner. free food woo!

had lunch with advisor tom today. that was fun. we had a nice talk. he's super.

so one of my favorite authors, dava sobel, is speaking at u of a on jan 23. i am so there. galileo's daughter is one of my all-time favorite books. it's going to be great. she'll be signing her newest book, the planets, which i bought last semester and am half-way through. it's okay, nothing near as good as galileo's daughter though.

we (sara, todd, and myself) are now the proud owners of a cruise! they took money out of my account and everything, so we are all set. we've got a nice room too. so exciting! todd starts college tomorrow (well, he had a month of school but they took him out to send him to iraq) so i wish him good luck! yay toddy woo!

went with sarah to scottsdale tonight to listen to a holocaust survivor give a talk. it was very interesting. the lady who gave the talk was so happy. i wish my parents could have gone and listened. she spoke of her experiences but also talked about her life afterwards and of love and respect of everyone, no matter their beliefs or race or anything else, and that the world would be a better place if there wasn't so much hate and judgment of everyone. hearing that from someone who has been through so much and could so easily be a hateful, bitter person but isn't at all was very powerful. i'm glad i went.

so after busting my ass doing my lpsc abstract, i am taking tonight and tomorrow off. going to put on my raging purple sfa sweatpants, park it on my couch, and watch movies with my cat for the rest of the night. tomorrow i've got to drop by the post office to mail christi's package and a cd of christmas pictures to my mom, but that's really all i absolutely have to do. so nice.

summary: lpsc abstract is in, jorge is coming back, tom is awesome, going to go see dava sobel, going on a cruise, todd starts college tomorrow, interesting talk tonight, people should be more open-minded and accepting of things that are different, time to lay on my couch and relax with mi gato. 'night all.
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feeling energetic even though i didn't go to bed till 5am again. and i've been all kinds of productive today.

finished my lpsc abstract and sent it off to ron greeley and tom sharp for review. ron said it looks great; still waiting on tom. tom was happy when i told him amy and i reserved our room at the conference center back in novmeber. they fill up really quickly and it's a major hassle if you don't stay there and have to arrange travel to and from your hotel room. ron and i might turn this into a little side project if i've got time, maybe over the summer. could be fun. i have enjoyed the project so far. would be cool to turn it into a real paper. went shopping and got some stuff from target. got some racquetballs and bounced one around my kitchen with my racquet for awhile. wish my back was better so i could go play! and then i got a planner from office max as it appears to be 2006 now and my old planner doesn't quite work anymore. did dishes and cleaned up my desk so i can actually see it now.

cruise! )

so i'm not going to ta mineralogy this time. i'll be ta-ing colloquium instead, which will be nice because it's much less of a time constraint and i'll be able to get more research done. and i won't have the giant mineralogy lab block to worry about when scheduling things. so yay for having the coolest advisor who gets me an awesome ta job and makes sure i've got time for research. he's awesome. i need to go by chili's and get his gift card i'm giving him for watching my cat. he really got me out of a bind.

apple soda. yum.

jorge comes back tomorrow i think, and we'll be hitting this instrument proposal thing pretty hard. it's so cool. can't wait till everyone gets back from guatemala/elsewhere and school starts so we can really get going.

need to go by walgreens and unpack some more. wonder if sarah and i are going out tonight, or if i should cook this ham i bought. hmmm... or todd and i could go see pride and prejudice. so many choices.

summary: been productive, lpsc abstract is done, yay cruise woo, ta-ing colloquium instead of mineralogy, my advisor rocks, i love apple soda, instrument stuff is going to start up again soon yay, time to go. bye


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