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we have pictures of an avalanche on mars. from orbit. the timing of the mars reconnaissance orbiter was perfect to be going over the martian north pole at the time an avalanche was occurring. freaking sweet.


Apr. 20th, 2007 02:59 pm
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gunman opened fire at nasa building.

this is has occurred in building 44, which is near the saturn v rocket at the johnson space center. the building i worked in, 31, is on the other side of the campus. i talked to karen mcnamara, and she said everyone in our building is okay. they think the gunman is a contractor at jsc. it would have to be either a contractor or a civil servant because you can't get on that campus without a badge. it's supposedly a 50-60 year old white male with a revolver handgun. two hostages with the suspect. one female and one male. the male was shot and killed and the female was unharmed except that she was duct taped. the suspect shot himself in the head and is now dead.

this is so insane. what the hell is happening in this world?

timeline of crazy shit:
april 16, 2007 - virginia tech massacre
april 17, 1995 - oklahoma city bombing
april 19, 1993 - waco massacre
april 20, 1999 - columbine shootings
april 20, 2007 - shooting at nasa

i don't understand people. i really don't.
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today marks the fourth anniversary of the columbia shuttle exploding during re-entry. the only mention of it i found was on this article about the space station. nothing on or foxnews. or msnbc. nothing. it makes me really sad. only four years and we've forgotten that seven people died when their space shuttle blew up around them on their way home. for those of us that were there, who were shaken out of bed as the explosion rumbled through the air to the ground over the course of a few minutes, who found pieces of the shuttle around our apartment complex, our university, our town, and who helped the national guard, state troopers, and nasa personnel search for and recover the debris, it's especially disheartening that no one seems to remember this day. but i do. i remember.


Sep. 19th, 2006 01:47 pm
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no, we must NOT. ya know, i'm all for going back to the moon. i think it's all fine and good. as long as they do it with human spaceflight money. which they were for awhile till they ran out and then started taking money away from science so it's put a bunch of people out of work that have the jobs i want. making it almost impossible for grad students, post-docs, and research scientists to get grants, even the ones with automatic renewals. no grants = no paychecks = a lot of very smart people doing very important work out of jobs because bush wants to go back to the moon. i want to know who these 15 scientists on this panel are because i know for damn sure that they do not speak for the scientific community as a whole. there is a very small percentage of scientists who think what the current administration is doing with the budget is fine because they're the ones who will be working on the moon stuff. the rest of the community is outraged and is demanding change. in the form of letters and petitions and speaking out at hearings. i probably get one email a week about something else nasa has done to our budget and what we can do to fight it. so no. i don't think we MUST do anything regarding going back to the moon.
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today is the 20th anniversary of the challenger explosion. yesterday was the 39th anniversary of the apollo 1 fire. wednesday will be the 3rd anniversary of the columbia break-up. it's a bad week for nasa.

today is also dirk's funeral in nacogdoches. i'm sure at least half the town will be there. he touched a lot of people and will be greatly missed. i wish i could be there too.


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