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Juliane, Em, and I went down to Galveston to the NOAA Sea Turtle Facility's open house this afternoon. They had the most adorable baby sea turtles and beautiful adult turtles!




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two years

Apr. 11th, 2010 03:34 pm
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em and i had our two-year anniversary last month. it was a nice weekend. we went to watch my alma mater compete in basketball playoffs, took some pictures in downtown houston, and went to galveston. i made her a book of pictures from our first two years, which you can view here (~20mb pdf file).





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Juliane, Em, and I were down in Galveston getting trained for sea turtle patrol and on our way home, we caught a gorgeous sunset!





Nov. 18th, 2009 03:55 pm
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there are six days until my defense and em sent me this awesome card:

i did a practice talk today and have some minor changes but the talk seems to be in good shape. i'm taking the rest of the day off. i'm tired and my brain hurts.

em and i got up at 2am on tuesday and headed down to galveston to watch the leonids meteor shower. there weren't a lot of meteors, but i got pictures of a couple. and it was freezing! the cold front had just come through, so it was nice and clear, but very cold. for iso 6400, i'd say beefy did an awesome job. there was so much noise at 800 (don't even think about using 1600) on my old camera i never went above 400. it's nice having more options now.

leonid meteor (long streak in the upper right) over boats in the gulf of mexico


sirius (bright star on the left) and orion


orion (bright fuzzy object near the center is the great nebula in orion)


leonid (streak in the upper left) and orion


lastly, someone on my flist sent me this song and it made me chuckle. thanks, ilysse!

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i had a great day at school on friday, and since em's birthday was on thursday, we decided to head down to the beach on saturday. we stopped for lunch at mccallister's first and then went to galveston island state park. we had a great time. the water was warm and we swam, floated around on rafts (got pounded by some waves when we floated where it was too shallow), threw a ball around in the water, and got some sun. later we grilled up some hot dogs. couple of problems with the hot dogs. 1. the freaking seagulls took two of them OFF OF THE GRILL. they just swooped down and grabbed them. and, 2. we forgot the buns, so we just had the meat. oh well. we had s'mores and waited for the sun to go down so i could get some sunset pictures. it was a good time. and then sunday we were completely exhausted, and i'm still pretty tired today. but it was worth it. it was nice having a day off.

giant bucket of tea from mccallister's (iphone photo)

seagulls on fence posts

seagulls on fence posts (iphone photo)

driftwood on the beach


seagull over the gulf (iphone photo)




Apr. 26th, 2009 02:27 pm
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i finished my paper! i am currently plugging away at my homework. i have a couple small things i'm confused about so brian's on his way over and we'll see if we can work it out together. the house is spotless and the grocery shopping is done. woohoo for being productive!

so, what's left is to finish my homework, write two small critiques of papers, and type up one page of handwritten notes. easily done by tomorrow afternoon, i think. exciting!

em bought a new hat! it's spiffy!

awhile back, em entered a contest to win a car. she didn't win the car, but we had to go down to galveston and listen to a timeshare presentation, which we did not buy, and she won a free cruise to mexico, 4 nights in a 4-star hotel in oahu, $100 in gas gift certificates, and a $40 american express gift card! so we have two trips to take in the next year! along with phoenix in october for beck's wedding and new jersey for christmas, plus we're taking a cruise with sara over her spring break in march, and i've got to go to agu in san francisco in december. lots of travel in the near future! i'm excited!!

on the way back, some pelicans were flying over the gulf as storm clouds were starting to roll in, and i got a neat picture.

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to settle the battle of which blanket with sleeves is best, i give you this.

em quit her old job today. just walked out. which is good because they were treating her like crap, and now she has the rest of the week off before her new jobs starts on monday. so she's on her way to rice and after class we're going to head down to galveston. she'll read harry potter and i'll read either a paper about basaltic magmatism in the sierra nevadas or one about oxygen fugacity in martian meteorites. maybe both.

and now, back to reading about the franciscan complex of metamorphic rocks in northern california before class.
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it was nice enough on saturday that em and i went down to galveston. we walked along the beach and sat and read for awhile. still too cold for swimming, but the water was okay for wading.

and a couple with my iphone

it was a nice day, but it was sad to see how much destruction there still is from hurricane ike. the big pier has large sections completely missing, and a truck is stuck on it with no way to get to solid ground. there are houses slumping off of their foundations or demolished into piles of rubble. there are boats on the side of the road. a lot of the stoplights are blinking red, or missing. em's favorite restaurant, the captain's table, is in ruins. it was located past the seawall (no protection whatsoever from storm surge), so it looks like it was gutted. it makes me sad.
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i realized i never posted any pictures from my trip to galveston with the rice earth science dept grad students. so here are some of my favorites.

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day 2 )

day 3 )

all day 1 photos
all day 2 photos
all day 3 photos


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